On and Around the Island:





The Bermuda Biological Station for Research. This is Wright Hall which is the original BBSR building; we ate most of our meals on the balcony behind the palm trees on the left.




The dock and dive shop at the Bermuda Biological Station for Research.




This is the view from the balcony of the Biological Station.





Sunset over Whalebone Bay before we headed in for a night snorkel trip.





Bomber (Alfred) piloting the Henry Stommel. Bomber knows the waters around Bermuda better than anyone.








Waves crashing into the Pleistocene rocks along Devonshire Bay Park. This is a high-energy shoreline!





Large (about 12 inch diameter) moon Jelly fish. We encountered a few of these while on our trip.




Day 1, stop 1 of our field trip, Whalebone Bay. The class is in the water studying shallow water environments along the rocky coast. (It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it!)




Great exposures of the Rocky Bay Formation (Pleistocene) in Blackwatch Pass near Hamilton.





Charles Island. We anchored off shore and snorkeled into the high-energy pass at the end of the island and then swam up to the beach, took off our gerar and hiked to the top of the ridge to check out the internal structure of a giant eolian dune.





Kyle (in the surf) becoming a more well rounded geologist--experiencing what it is like to be a sand clast, Warwick Long Beach.






Bright red-orange fire sponge in eht foreground and green algae in the background in Harrington Sound.




Cole (L), Ward, Aly, and Joe (R) waiting for sunset at Whalebone Bay so that we could start our night snorkel trip.





Large banana spider (about 8 inches from leg tip to leg tip) just hanging out and enjoying the sunshine.


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