UW-Oshkosh Geology Students in Bermuda:







<-- Joe (L), Meg (R) observing high-energy sediment transport near a reef on the south shore.





The group heading out on the boat for a day in Harrington Sound.








<-- Holly studying the back reef environment on the south shore.








Aly, Jodi, Kyle, Ashley, Joe, and Ward hard at work in the lab. We studied sediment samples and did chemical analyses of water in the late afternoons on samples we collected each day.


We took water samples at each location, measured nutrient levels, and then compared these to the biological diversity and the apparent health of the corals at each location.


Ashley Weimer diving





<-- Ashley diving over some amazing reefs.

Group on BBSR Porch






The group on the front porch of the Biological Station.









<-- Meg diving on south shore reefs near the Arches location.







Tom is always a life saver.








<-- Holly (front), Meg (middle), and Jodi (back) happy to be heading out for a day of hard work studying reefs and carbonate environments.







<-- Jodi (L) driving the remotely operated vehicle (ROV) that is about 35 feet below the boat filming details of reef structure. Cole (R) and Meg (middle) are offering advice and waiting their turn to drive the ROV.









<-- The remotely operated vehicle (ROV) near the sea floor in about 30 feet water on a sand flat that is surrounded by reefs.

Meg, Ashley, Jodi







Meg, Ashley and Jodi hanging out on the balcony of the BBSR.





<-- Jodi was really excited about finding a certain type of carbonate sediment and is exclaiming "The answer is D! That is my final answer!"






<-- Meg (L), Holly (M), and Aly (R) checking out Clearwater Beach and the shallow Thalassia grass beds off shore the day we flew back to Oshkosh.







Meg (L), Tom (M), and Kyle (R) watching the sunset before our night time snorkel in Whalebone Bay. We were able to see several species of stony and soft corals out feeding.


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