On and Around the Island:




The Bermuda Biological Station for Research. This is Wright Hall which is the original BBSR building; we ate most of our meals on the balcony above the large stairway.




The dock and dive shop at the Bermuda Biological Station for Research.




This is the view from the balcony of the Biological Station.




Becky (L) and Shannon (R) at sea on the Henry Stommel.





Bomber (Alfred) piloting the Henry Stommel. Bomber knows the waters around Bermuda better than anyone.




Becky and Laura studying the distribution of sediments and organisms in shallow waters of Harrington Sound.





Large, angry, bottom-dwelling jellyfish (Cassiopea) that has been harassed by some geologists in Harrington Sound.




Day 1, stop 1 of our field trip, Whalebone Bay. The class is in the water studying shallow water environments along the rocky coast. (It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it!)




Great Pleistocene limestone exposures in Blackwatch Pass near Hamilton.





Dave at Warwick Long Beach getting ready to lead a beach assault out to the reefs just off shore.





The group studying a Pleistocene beach deposit that is overlain by a soil horizon which is itself buried by a Pleistocene eolian dune deposit, Devonshire Bay.



Tom describing the fish he saw--the one that got away before he could photograph it.




The group standing in front of a well-developed terra rossa paleosoil on the Walsingham limestone.





Large spider (about 8 inches from leg tip to leg tip) just hanging out and enjoying the sunshine.


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