UW-Oshkosh Geology Students in Bermuda:



Heidi (L), Bridget, Dave, and Laura (R) looking for parrot fish and observing high-energy sediment transport near Charles Island.



The group (Tom is taking the picture) at Flatts after a morning in Harrington Sound and a visit to the Bermuda Aquarium.




Dave and Lotta (BBSR Dive Master) after a hard day with rough seas and great reefs at North Rock.




Leah (L) and Becky on the boat before heading out to tackle some rough seas at North Rock.




Tom just hanging out.




The group working in the lab. We studied samples in the late afternoons that we collected each day.





Heidi and Waneta (foreground), and Dave and Becky (background) working to identify the organisms that produced sediment collected from around modern reefs.

Coral colonies are the most visible part of the reef, but the sediment (the stuff that later becomes limestone) contains very little coral!




Heidi and Bridget (R) doing water chemistry tests. We took water samples at each location, measured nutrient levels, and then compared these to the biological diversity and the apparent health of the corals at each location.





Waneta was really excited about boring (endolithic) organisms and their affect on bioclastic sediments!




Dave working to identify organisms that make up sand collected from Whalebone Bay.




Laura checking out details of freshwater diagenesis in the Walsingham limestone.


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