all photos taken by Kevin Crawford unless otherwise noted.


Lisa Bydairk presents her research at the national Pittcon meeting in February, 2007.

John Nickles presents his research at the SERMACS meeting,
November 16, 2002.

Tom Caldwell and Adrian Ybarra presenting their research at
the SERMACS meeting, November 16, 2002.

Answering questions at the SERMACS meeting (Adrian Ybarra and Brian Williams)

Analyzing samples in Quantitative Analysis lab - shown are (l to r):  Michael Ellisor,
John Nickles, and Song-Huah Jeang

Song-Huah Jeang and John Nickles collecting samples from the Ashley River for Quant Lab.

Training a student (Dan Follett) on the JEOL JXA-840 Scanning
Electron Microscope
(photo by Russel K. Pace, The Citadel)

3um polystyrene bead in optical trap.  Fluorescent product produced over time.
(Photos by Kevin Crawford)

(photo by Kevin Crawford)

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