Kevin Crawford, Ph.D. Chemist, Analytical chemist and college professor.

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Capabilities:  Quantitative and qualitative analysis, any sample size and type.  Specializing in water analysis, but also able to handle many other sample types.  From simple wet chemical analysis (titrations, gravimetric analysis) to full instrumental analysis (GC-MS, HPLC, FTIR, AA), I can help find the answers to your chemical problems. 

Consulting Experience: 

                     Development of  SPME-GC-MS method to test for extractables in a plastic
                         material (company confidential).
                    Development of a SPME-GC-MS method for quantitation of several
                        compounds of interest for Fine Northern Oak, Berlin, WI.
                    Analysis of filter material pore sizes by SEM for W.M. Nugent Co., Niles, IL.
                   Analysis of filter-captured material to identify cause of electrical failures in manufacturing equipment (company confidential).
                    Development of a simple inexpensive method for quantitation of surfactant levels in cleaning solutions for WI Film and Bag.
                    Determination of metal cations by AA for the South Carolina Aquarium, Charleston, SC..
                    Quantitation of calcium, sodium, and boron in a marine extract via AA
                        for the National Ocean Service Marine Biotoxins Program, Charleston, SC.

Other Experience:
                    Utilizing EPA methods for water and sediments - for the analysis of many
                        components in natural waters - metal cations, anions, pesticides, etc.
                    GC-MS identification and quantitation of phthalates, drugs of abuse,
                        constituents in oil and gas, PCB's and PBDE's, dioxins, insecticides
                        and pesticides.
                    HPLC identification and quantitation of caffeine, organic acids, chlorophyll,
                        aspirin, etc.
                    AA and GFAA quantitation of metals in water and sediment.

Instrumentation available:
    GC-MS (gas chromatography mass spectrometry) - quadrupole system with headspace, liquid, and SPME sample introduction.
    HPLC (liquid chromatography) system - gradient solvent capability, fluorescence, diode array, and ELSD detection, many column types available including C8, C18, amide-C16, size exclusion (GPC), anion exchange.
     LC-MS - gradient solvent, single quadrupole
    Atomic Absorption - suitable for analysis of most metals.  Also equipped for graphite furnace AA..
    FTIR (infrared) systems - for identification of organic compounds.
    Multiple UV-visible units - for ultraviolet and visible light absorbance measurements.
    GC-FID (gas chromatography) instruments - used for volatile organic compounds.
    Scanning Electron Microscope - including gold and carbon coating of samples.
    X-ray (XRF) - for analysis of metal composition in samples.
    Several pH meters and electronic balances.
    Standard lab equipment and glassware for quantitative analysis.
    Analytical chemical standards for quantitation and verification.

Rates:  Fees depend on services.  We encourage student employment to help lower costs.  Long-term contracts to one-time analysis.  Donations to the UW-Oshkosh Chemistry department (equipment or $$) offset your cost!