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Committee on Committees

Faculty Senate Committee

Responsibilities:  Faculty Survey:  The Committee on Committees will survey the faculty no later than March 1 of each year to determine interest, experience, and qualifications for service on preferred committees.
Appointment of committees:  The Committee on Committees will recommend for Senate confirmation faculty members for all university standing and ad hoc committees.  The chair of the Committee on Committees will report to the faculty the names of faculty committee members.

Evaluation:  The Committee on Committees will initiate a process of evaluating each committee.  It will report its findings with recommendations to the Faculty Senate.  At least every five years after the initial evaluation, the Committee on Committees will evaluate committee functions and report its findings with recommendations to the Senate.

Membership:  The Committee on Committees will have eight (8) members.  Seven will be faculty elected early in the Spring term by the Faculty Senate, one each from Humanities, Fine and Performing Arts, Social Science, Math/Science, Business, Education, Nursing and Non-College faculty.  The Faculty Senate Executive Committee will prepare a slate of candidates, being diligent to include women and minorities, from the list of faculty who have expressed an interest in serving.  Nominations may also be made from the Senate floor.  The members will serve three year terms staggered by lot at the initial meeting.  A Faculty Executive Committee's member-at-large will be an ex-officio member of the committee.  No individual may serve more than two consecutive terms on this committee.

Chair:  The chair of the Committee on Committees will be elected by the committee from among the nine elected members.  The chair will serve a one-year term renewable by election for a maximum of three consecutive terms.  The chair is responsible for: facilitating committee meetings; conducting the election for chair in the Fall; and informing the Faculty Senate office of resignations of committee members and changes in the committee chair. 


Faculty Senate Office
(920) 424-2102
Dempsey 205

Faculty Senate President (2018-19)
Stephen Bentivenga
Senate President's Office Hours TBD.
All others by appointment.

Senate Meetings

Meetings are held in Reeve 306, 3:10pm-5:00pm


September 11 & 25(Canceled)
October 9(Canceled) & 23
November 6 & 20 
December 4


January 15 (if needed)
February 5(Canceled) & 19 
March 5 & 19
April 2, 16, & 30
May 14

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