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by Angelee Hammond last modified Sep 10, 2013 11:15 AM


James Simmons

Professor, Political Science Department


Phone:   (920) 424-7165

Office:    Sage Hall 4632

Teaching Philosophy

I enjoy teaching a wide range of classes. During my tenure at UWO I’ve taught different classes in three of our five subfields. My lectures are usually well received but I especially enjoy the give and take of classroom discussions and debate. Since I feel that it is important that students get real world experience while in college, I assign service learning projects in most of my upper-division classes and I try to get majors to take on one or two internships in addition to their regular course requirements. I’ve always expected students to read extensively but I also want them to be engaged and possess the skills they need to succeed in any career they want to pursue after graduation.

Courses Taught

PS 105 - American Government and Politics
PS 113 - The Democratic Arena
PA 221 - Introduction to Public Administration

PS 261 - Environment and Society
PS 310 - Urban Government
PS 321 - American Public Policy
PS 324 - U.S. Presidency
PS 325 (377) - Foundations of American Political Thought
PS 349 - Foundations of Political Thought
PS 355 - Modern Political Thought
PA 361 - Campaign Management
PA 362 - Public Personnel Administration
PA 364 - Administrative Leadership & Behavior
PA 369 - Government & the Economy
PA 390 - Comparative Public Administration
PA 391 - Environment and Energy Management
PS 394 - Community Power Systems
PS 401 - Political Analysis (Capstone)
ES 490 - Environmental Studies Seminar


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by Angelee Hammond last modified Sep 10, 2013 11:15 AM