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by Angelee Hammond last modified Feb 08, 2012 11:02 AM

Research Interests

My research interests are many and varied. The following is just a short list of the many topics I investigate episodically: Civic engagement and community activism; local responses to environmental regulation; municipal government forms, structures and performance; multidimensional analysis of political beliefs; economic theories of public choice and organizational behavior; party competition models; inequality and poverty; futurology and political prognostication; student and faculty engagement, opinion and behavior; projecting election results; radical politics in Wisconsin; Green social movements; community partnerships & initiatives; University shared governance; faculty compensation; communal experiments and utopian thought.

Current Projects

I’m currently attempting to put the finishing touches on our book “Who Gets What from Government?’ co-authored with Ben Page, of Northwestern University, so that it can be published before the 2012 presidential election. I also need to complete articles on the right-wing utopian novel, the activities of the Knights of Labor and National Party in Northeast Wisconsin during the late-19th century, and the disconnect between the major political party platforms and the beliefs of their partisan adherents.

Recently Published

“The University and Student Political Engagement” (with B. Lilly), PS: Political Science & Politics 43 (2), April 2010, 347-350.

“What Happened to the Truth?” (with S. Simmons), Wisconsin Political Scientist, 14 (1) Summer 2010, 12-15.

"Latent Classes within the American Electorate" (with S. Simmons), The Journal of Political Science, 36 Fall 2008, 109-131.

“On Authority: What Should Government Do?” (with B. Page), in Political Theory: A Reader, P. Schumaker (ed.), Wiley-Blackwell 2010, ch. 13, 300-306.

“Is American Public Policy Effective?” (with B. Page), in Perspectives on American Government, C. Jillson and D. Robertson (eds.), Routledge 2009, 14.4.



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by Angelee Hammond last modified Feb 08, 2012 11:02 AM