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by Angelee Hammond last modified Sep 10, 2013 11:14 AM

Druscilla Scribner

Druscilla Scribner

Associate Professor, Political Science Department


Phone:   (920) 424-0924

Office:    Sage Hall 4628



Teaching Philosophy

The most important experience for me as a student has been the act of individual discovery – the "ah ha" moments that, for me at least, have often occurred outside of the classroom, in conversations with friends over course readings, on the bus in San Salvador, debating Chilean politics with co-workers, collaborating on research with colleagues. We learn with others and from others who challenge our ideas, our knowledge, and our very 'ways of knowing.' I strive to provide students with the intellectual context to make their own discoveries; to challenge each other, and to learn with and from each other. For this reason, active learning and student engagement take center stage in each of my courses; as does student research. My assignments are largely geared to provide students with the tools they need to engage in their own scholarship—to ask and answer critical questions. Furthermore, I want students to gain a cross-cultural perspective on problems that affect them as global citizens and to evaluate the potential solutions to these problems. My goal is for students to come away from my courses with a greater sense of the world and their role in it; having sharpened their critical thinking, writing, and problem solving skills. 

Courses Taught

PS 101 - Introduction to Comparative Politics
PS 107 - Honors Introduction to Comparative Politics 
PS 111 - Culture and the Politics of Memory
PS 303 - Women and Politics
PS 323 - Comparative Law and Constitutionalism
PS 326 - Politics of Development
PS 351 - Political Film
PS 374 - Comparative Genocide and Human Rights (Study Abroad)
PS 379 - Latin American Politics
PS 383 - Latin America and International Relations
PS 401 - Political Analysis (Capstone)



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by Angelee Hammond last modified Sep 10, 2013 11:14 AM