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You are here: Home > Chem 370/371: Physical Chemistry I & II

 Links for lab:

Safety Data Sheets
A-to-D converters Reduction Potentials
J Phys Chem info for authors
pressure gauges Vernier Voltage Probe
P-Chem Lab Reports Review site pressure gauge safety
temperature sensors
NIST Chemistry WebBook vacuum pumps instrumentation amplifier
NIST Computational Chem
Comparison & Benchmark DataBase
temperature measurement index of refraction
Macrogalleria (polymers)
Light and Color
Mg Molecular Weight Mg Polymer Solutions Mg solution viscosity
Spectral Database
for Organic Compounds
  Jmol tutorial
GAMESS  Avogadro  MacMolPlt

Links for lecture:

 deionized water PhET simulations: quantum
 Debye-Hückel model Many Worlds hypothesis
AAAS Mass Media Fellows Program
What's That Stuff
How carbon gets absorbed
deep underground
American Chemical Society
Climate Science Toolkit
Scientists probe underground
depths of Earth's carbon cycle
"What We Know"
The fate of carbon dioxide in water-rich
fluids under extreme conditions
Stratospheric Ozone Depletion
Fuel-cell cars C&E News
1995 Chemistry Nobel (ozone)
Electronic Plants
NOAA ozone monitoring
High-Selectivity Electrochemical
Conversion of CO2 to Ethanol

Chemistry of Materials


Required texts:  Barrante, Applied Mathematics for Physical Chemistry, 3rd edition
Chang & Thoman, Physical Chemistry for the Chemical Sciences
WebAssign for Chang, Physical Chemistry for the Chemical Sciences

Texts on Reserve in Polk
Barrante, Applied Mathematics for Physical Chemistry (1st ed.)
          reviews chemical applications of graphing and calculus
Warren, The Physical Basis of Chemistry
          presents concepts with less mathematical detail 
Barrow, Physical Chemistry, 6th ed.
          good introduction to quantum
Atkins, Molecular Quantum Mechanics

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