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Mihalick Home Page

by Brian Ledwell last modified Jan 31, 2019 05:31 PM

Jennifer E. Mihalick, Ph. D.

Professor and Chair, Department of Chemistry
Past Director, UW System Women & Science Program

office hours (HS 432) Spring 2019: MWF 8:30-9:30, TR 11-12, or by appointment

Courses Taught:

Chem 104 Introduction to the Chemistry of Materials (Quest II)
Chem 105/106 General Chemistry I and II
Chem 360 Special Topics: History of Modern Science in Britain
Chem 370/371 Physical Chemistry I and II

Educational Interests:

University Studies Program  Explore Team, USP Committee
Wisconsin Teaching Scholar 2009-2010 "Student Reflections on Multiple Ways of Learning"
Inclusive teaching methods
J. R. Considine, J. E. Mihalick, Y. R. Mogi-Hein, M. W. Penick-Parks, P. M. Van Auken. "How Do You Achieve Inclusive Excellence in the Classroom?” New Directions in Teaching and Learning 2017 (151), 171-187 (2017).
J. R. Considine, J. E. Mihalick, Y. R. Mogi-Hein, M. W. Penick-Parks, P. M. Van Auken. “ 'Who am I to bring diversity into the classroom?' Learning communities wrestle with creating inclusive college classrooms." Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 14(4), 18-30 (2014).
Assessment of Student Learning . . . links to websites about assessment
'06-'07 Faculty Adviser to Oshkosh Scholar, the undergraduate research journal

Lab Research Interests:

Thermochemistry of formation of weakly bound complexes in solution

Synthesis and characterization of silica composites made with a sol-gel process

Related Publications:
J. E. Mihalick, W. P. Griffiths III*, J. E. Muten*, T. A. Olson*, J. B. Hein*, "Thermochemistry of Binding of Lead (II) and Cadmium (II) by Saccharides in Aqueous Solution." Journal of Solution Chemistry  28, 1025-1036 (1999).
D. L. Parker, J. E. Mihalick, J. L. Plude, M. J. Plude,T. P. Clark*, L. Egan, J. J. Flom*, L.C. Rai, H.D. Kumar, "Sorption of metals by extracellular polymers from the cyanobacterium Microcystis aeruginosa  f. flos-aquae  strain C3-40." Journal of Applied Phycology  12, 219-224 (2000).
J. E. Mihalick, K. M. Donnelly.  “Using metals to change the colors of natural dyes.” Journal of Chemical Education 83, 1550-1551 (2006).
J. E. Mihalick, K. M. Donnelly. "Cooking up colors from plants, fabric and metal." Journal of Chemical Education 84, 96A (2007).

 * indicates undergraduate student coauthor

Educational Background:

Dreyfus Fellow, Franklin & Marshall College, 1991-1993
Ph. D. in physical chemistry, Stanford University, 1991
A. B. magna cum laude in chemistry, Princeton University, 1985

Professional Organizations:

American Chemical Society (Divisions of Physical Chemistry and Chemical Education)
Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Honor Society
Project Kaleidoscope's Faculty for the 21st Century

CV link [pdf]

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by Brian Ledwell last modified Jan 31, 2019 05:31 PM