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Student Eval Comments

by Brian Ledwell last modified Jan 11, 2019 05:04 PM

Remember: "No one rises to low expectations."


Selected recent verbatim Student Comments from Dana Vaughan/Merriman's Teaching Evaluations & Correspondence     


BIO 212 Human Physiology (enrollment 150-230)

  • I have been meaning to email you since the end of the summer physiology course. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your class and teaching style. Having taken  phys at Madison just this past spring (2013), I already had a good grasp on a lot of the material. However, my professor at Madison had very bland power points with a lot of text, few graphics, and suggested a lot of memorization. Coming to your class was like night and day different. The way you taught class with drawings/graphics and so much energy made the material so much more understandable and I took way more out of your class. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated and enjoyed your class!
  • Hello Dr. Vaughan, A few years ago I was in your physiology lecture.  Well I graduated from UW-Oshkosh's nursing program in May and just passed my boards.   All through nursing school I always told myself that when I graduated I would email you and say thank you for doing such a great job teaching phys and always helping me whenever I had a question.  (I even stopped by your office once when I was in nursing school because I was struggling to grasp a concept in patho.)  I know that the key to my success in nursing school was having such a solid foundation in phys!  I would pretty much relate everything back to phys and "Joe Cell".  If I knew the phys behind something I could handle it.  I just wanted you to know you made a huge difference in my college education and I am extremely grateful of that!  Thank you for being such a great teacher and always taking the time to help a student in need.  You are a difference maker!
  • I was just reading about the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system for literally the fourth time since starting the [Accelerated Nursing] program, and I thought that I would write to you and tell you that I am sure glad I took phys with you and that you cemented that stuff into my brain. It keeps coming up!
  • The layout of the exams were hard to get used to. I like being able to narrow my choices. Vaughan responds: Exams are true/false, in a "multiple-choice-choose-all-that-apply" format.
  • Hard material, but very well taught, excellent professor.
  • One of the best teachers I've ever had and this is my 5th year.
  • Should provide answers of past tests for students to study from - otherwise we may be studying the wrong info. Vaughan responds: My policy is to give out old exams but to "force" students to learn to think by NOT providing the answers. If I gave out the answers, it would be nothing more than memorization and that is simply not a winning strategy in physiology. My policy is that any student who thinks s/he has the answer to an old exam question, can present it to me, and then I will explain why it's right or wrong... but I don't just give the answer; students must study!
  • Great professor! Really makes a difficult subject intresting and fun to learn. She is VERY helpful with questions!
  • I feel Dr. Vaughan does not explain things in simplest terms for an introductory course. Also exams are rushed, with 100+ ?'s for one hour class.
  • Very effective analogies - one of hardest subject - yet she makes it bearable!
  • Really awesome professor.
  • Your class and teaching opened up a whole new way of thinking for me, and I'm now wanting to do more than I ever have in the past because I have this thirst for knowledge!  I really believe your class had a lot to do with it because you really made us think and I realized how valuable that was.  So thank you for doing what you do because you help people like me come to know, not only what the brain does :), but how to use it in the best way!!  I hope to keep in touch with you throughout my education since you have been such a mentor for me :) 
  • Felt like exams didn't truly test your knowledge; more like they tricked you.
  • It would have been very helpful if notes were posted online. Dr. Vaughan moved way too fast in class. Also the true/false 100+ exams were too long & I always felt I didn't have enough time. Vaughan told me this was nursing program's exam style which I found out isn't true. Vaughan responds: This student seems to have misunderstood my statement that I follow the NCLEX (nursing boards) exam style of questions and multiple answers that require candidates to carefully read the question and all the answer choices, in a timed fashion, before marking an answer. Stop by my office to see my own personal copy of the NCLEX prep book and see if I'm right about this. You aren't a nurse until you pass your boards, so I do all I can to help my students develop effective test-taking skills early in their college careers.

BIO 306 Neurobiology (enrollment 40-75)

  • I graduated from UWO in spring '07. You may or may not remember me, but I am writing this email to say THANK YOU!!! I am in my second week of PA school and we are discussing Action Potentials and all their glory. If it wasn't for your explanations from Neurobiology, I would be VERY lost at the moment based on my current professor's explanation.
  • Very friendly. Helpful in office hours. Good use of recent research as well as common metaphors to help get point across!  Excellent!

BIO 310 Biology of Gender (enrollment 30-50)

  • I took your Biology of Gender class right before graduating in 2011 and I wanted to thank you for creating that class and teaching it so well. I am currently almost halfway through [chiropractic school], and have referred/remembered information from your class that has been relevant to many classes I have taken here.  It has been so helpful to have this background knowledge and have a greater understanding of the human body, the differences there can be and how they happened, and the pressures/effects of society.  Thank you again for having such a well rounded, open, and informative class.

·         The best teacher I have ever had.

  • ·         One of my favorite classes I’ve taken!  I think everyone should have to take a class like this one.  Thank you.
  • ·         Great course with good layout and concepts. Would take again.
  • ·         Biology of Gender is an eye-opening class.
  • ·         This course really opened my eyes and gave me a new perspective of this subject. Wonderfully taught, thank you. 
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by Brian Ledwell last modified Jan 11, 2019 05:04 PM