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Welcome to Dr. Colin Long's homepage!

by Colin Long last modified Feb 27, 2014 09:58 AM

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The main goals of my research are to gain an understanding of some of the major process that control forest vegetation. Questions such as: how long has a particular forest been present; how have disturbances regimes changed; how have forest vegetation and/or disturbance regimes responded to climate? The answers to these questions can provide a clearer understanding of the relations between vegetation, disturbance, and climate, which will help define the parameters for forest management decisions in the future as we continue to grapple with the impacts of global environmental change. In order to address these interests I have focused on examining how forest vegetation and disturbances, primarily fire, change over time and how those changes are controlled. Specifically, I reconstruct vegetation and fire histories through an analysis of pollen and charcoal found in lake and wetland sediments.








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by Colin Long last modified Feb 27, 2014 09:58 AM