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Design & Requirements

by levinem last modified Mar 19, 2010 12:58 PM

Technical Requirements

Server Requirements

  • Voyager 7.0+ running Tomcat WebVoyage on non-Windows Server platforms
    • Windows Server deployments may work as well with some custom configuration

User Browser Requirements

  • Firefox 2.0+ or IE 7.0+ with Javascript enabled.  (Other browsers are not yet supported.)



This bookshelf is designed for Voyager library environments that want a simple deployment solution.  Almost the entire installation process can be done by a typical automation manager with basic command-line skills and experience with other WebVoyage customization.

Integration with WebVoyage is done at the XSL layer, with one new file and a few small additions to existing files.  The bookshelf is loaded inside an IFrame so that any errors should not impact display of the record page.

Data is retrieved via AJAX calls (simple JSON over HTTP) to a web service layer, deployed as a separate J2EE web application in the same Tomcat instance that already hosts the WebVoyage (vwebv) application.  This layer houses the business logic and retrieves book data from Voyager via calls to its 'vxws' web services API (just as WebVoyage itself does).  Thus no direct access to the Voyager database is required.

This widget makes use of many third-party libraries.

Architecture Diagram

Architecture Diagram

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by levinem last modified Mar 19, 2010 12:58 PM