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by Marcel Dijkstra last modified Mar 27, 2017 11:51 AM


·         Environmental engineering - basic principles and concepts

·         Surface water quality modeling - regulations, TMDL reporting and ecosystem  


·         Field sampling - planning and execution of field programs, sample preservation, 

          lab analysis, quality control and data presentation

·         Aquatic primary and secondary production modeling - capturing ecosystem dynamics

·         Climate change - impact of climate driven perturbations of the food web, nutrient

          loading and species composition.



Michigan Technological University                                                     Houghton Michigan

Ph.D. Environmental Engineering                                                                               2015

Thesis: Climate Anomalies and Primary Production in Lake Superior,

Advisor: Dr. Martin T. Auer

Relevant courses:  Environmental Process Engineering, Biogeochemical Processes, Statistical Methods, Stochastic Hydrology, Science Instruction and Advanced Computational Methods


·         Second place poster presentation (details in Poster Presentation section)            2014

·         Guest speaker for the Celebrate Lake Superior Day Copper Harbor, MI                2014

·         NSF GK-12 fellowship                                                                              2012‑2013

·         Guest speaker for the Celebrate Lake Superior Day Copper Harbor, MI                2013

·         First place poster presentation (details in Poster Presentation section)                2012

Master of Science, Environmental Engineering                                                            2011

Thesis: Mechanisms contributing to the deep chlorophyll maximum in Lake Superior.

Advisor: Dr. Martin T. Auer

Relevant courses:  Water & Wastewater Treatment, Surface Water Quality Modeling, Storm Water Management and LID, Distribution and Collection, Water Resources Engineering and Geohydrology.


Netherlands Real Estate Degree                                                                  LOI, Leiden  1994


Rijks Universiteit Groningen                                                         Groningen Netherlands

Master of Business Administration (MBA)                                                                    1992


Ball State University                                                                                    Muncie, IN. 

RUG-BSU Student exchange International Program, 4.0 GPA                                       1990


HTS (Technical College) Leeuwarden                               Leeuwarden, Netherlands 1987 



UW-Oshkosh Engineering Technology Department                                     Oshkosh, WI.

Assistant Professor    (selection of classes taught)                  Fall Semester 2015- present  

·         Fundamentals of Engineering Technology

o   Course description: ENGR 101 - This introduction course equips engineering technology students with the tools and background information to be a successful engineering technology student. The course supports the development of a successful career in engineering technology.

·         Workshop Physical Science

o   Course description: PHYS SCI 101 - Students will be introduced to basic scientific concepts and principles, develop an understanding of the research process and learn how to present their work in a professional manner. The topics studied will develop an awareness and appreciation of the complexity often associated with sustainability.

·         Introduction to Air Quality

o   Course description: ENGR 201 - An overview of global air currents, major air pollutants and sources, transport of these by air currents, EPA standards for air pollutants, abatement methods such as scrubbers on coal burning power plants, non-attainment status and consequences.

·         Topics in Environmental health

o   Course description: Biology 445 - This course will give a broad overview of the history of air quality, the present air contaminants of concern, their source, effect on human health and mode of transportation. Current regulations and standards will be discussed as well as the determination of contaminant levels and the possible controls of air emissions.


MTU Civil & Environmental Engineering Department                               Houghton, MI.

Teaching Assistant/Lecturer                                                            Fall Semester 2014 

·         Taught the Principles of Drinking Water Supply

o   Course description: ENVE3503 - Application of fundamental chemical, biological, and physical principles of environmental engineering to design and operation of systems used for water and wastewater treatment, solid waste management, air pollution control, and analysis of quality of surface water, air, and groundwater. 

·         Developed and graded test questions

·         Conducted tours of the waste water treatment facilities (Houghton, MI)

·         Provided guidance to undergraduate students

·         Advised students experiencing difficulties in the course


Instructor/Lead Scientist                                                                              2010-2015

·         Teaching Food Web and Water Quality Classes (including excursions on the R/V Agassiz to Lake Superior and several smaller lakes) for:

o   Teachers Institute and Sustainable Futures Institute (providing continued education for high school teachers)

o   GM sponsored Ride the Waves program (high school students)

o   Water Festival, Strawberry Festival and Celebrate Lake Superior day (community outreach)

Teaching Assistant                                                                                                   2010 Fall

·         Taught CE3620 (Water Resources Engineering)

o   Course description:  Introduction to hydrologic engineering, including rainfall-runoff modeling and hydrologic frequency analysis. Analysis and design of hydraulic systems such as pipe networks and storm water management systems. Computational, field, and experimental laboratory sessions reinforce lectures and provide hands-on learning opportunities. 

·         Taught water related experiments and graded student reports

·         Advised students experiencing difficulties with class assignments

Guest Lecturer for the Biological Science Department                                      2014 Fall

·         Taught ENG5400 (Engineering Applications in Biological Sciences)

o   Course description: Participants will visit research labs and field sites in and around Michigan Tech to observe and participate in current research in progress. This hands-on focus will allow participants to gain a real understanding of topics such as the biological basis for biofuels and biofuel production, environmental restoration, the effects of environmental toxins on biological systems, using technology to measure ecosystem variables, and the link between everyday products and ecosystems.

·         Taught concepts regarding engineered systems (waste water treatment and constructed wetlands) their function and impact on water quality

·         Demonstrated field equipment on board the RV/Agassiz used for water quality assessment

·         Led tours of the waste water treatment plant and a constructed wetland

·         Evaluated student presentations

Guest Lecturer for CE3331 (Professional Practices)                  (8 semesters) 2011-2015

·         Taught CE 3331 (Professional Practices)

o   Course description: Professional expectations of civil and environmental engineers demonstrated through readings, discussion, and writing. Topics include the consequences of engineering, design issues, legal aspects, ethical considerations, government requirements, management, leadership, and contract issues. 

o   Presented insights into non-verbal communication skills

Guest Speaker for Celebrate Lake Superior Day                                  Copper Harbor, MI

·         Lectured on the current state of Lake Superior’s ecosystem and the effects of climate change.                                                                                                           July 2014

·         Presented information on the current state of Lake Superior’s ecosystem and its response to perturbations relating to temperature, nutrients and food web                                     July 2013


Guest lector and Field Trip Guide for Environmental Courses                            Fall 2013

·         Taught ENVE4505 (Surface Water Quality Modeling) and CE5504 (Surface Water Quality Modeling advanced topics)

·         Course description:

o   ENVE4505: Develops the scientific basis for water quality management in lakes and rivers. Considers the origin, behavior, and fate of nutrients and toxic substances. Introduces engineered approaches for lake management, including mass balance modeling. Presents techniques for water quality restoration and the legal framework supporting pollution control. 

o   CE5504: To develop an initial familiarization with the AQUATOX software while examining the relationship between external loads and lake water quality.

·         Taught Principles of Numerical Modeling

·         Led tours of the waste water treatment facilities (Houghton, MI)

·         Advised students experiencing difficulties in the course

Dollar Bay/Tamarack City Area Schools                                                     Dollar Bay, MI

Visiting Scientist                                                                                              2013-2014

·         NSF sponsored GK-12 program, 20 hours per week

·         Taught water quality related classes

·         Conducted field explorations

·         Presented my research results, the challenges and breakthroughs

·         Mentored students interested in pursuing a career in the STEM fields



UW-Oshkosh Engineering Technology Department                                      Oshkosh, WI

·         Established and outfitted research lab for phosphorus analysis, including development of custom designed equipment for dual culture diffusion experiments

·         Conducted bi-weekly sampling over the May – September 2016 season of Fox River water at Neenah, WI

·         Ran preliminary bioavailability experiments to test and calibrate measurements


MTU Civil & Environmental Engineering Department                                  Houghton, MI  

Research                                                                                                     2011 - 2015

·         Conducting quality control testing and analyzing field and laboratory data

·         Data analysis for trends and signals

·         Developed model kinetics for Lake Superior to calculate primary production

·         Utilizing a 3D mathematical model (RCA) to describe ecosystem dynamics

·         Reporting and presenting project results  (to the Principal Investigator and project director)

·         Calculating primary production, focusing on spatiotemporal signals

·         Calibrating and validating the 3D water quality model (RCA)


Graduate Research Assistant                                                                       2011 - 2014


·         Planned and developed field campaigns, formalizing standard operating procedures, equipment maintenance (Seabird CTD-25) and quality control tests

·         Conducted over 50 sampling cruises (> 400 ship hrs) in Lake Superior, Onondaga Lake (NY), Lake Erie, Lake Michigan and several smaller inland lakes close to Michigan Tech.

·         Field sampling conducted on the R/V Agassiz (MTU), R/V5501 (NOAA) and the R/V Lake Guardian (EPA- in collaboration with Cornell Biological Field Station - Cornell University)

      Laboratory Work

·         Planned, developed and directed the laboratory program

·         Filtrated and preserved field samples (e.g. formalin, Lugols solution, freezing and freeze drying)

·         Development of calibration curves and sample analysis (chlorophyll-a, phosphorus and organic matter)

·         Prepared samples for carbon, silica and nitrogen analysis

·         C14 based algal growth experiments

Research Master’s Candidate                                                                        2009-2011 

·         Conducted an in-depth literature review regarding the mechanisms forming, maintaining and dissipating the deep chlorophyll maximum (DCM)

·         Analyzed the results of multiple algal growth experiments

·         Developed 1-D ecosystem model to evaluate the mechanisms governing DCM dynamics



Real Estate One

Realtor                                                                                                                     10/02-8/09

·         Bought and sold residential and commercial real estate.


Shanty Creek                                                                                         Bellaire Michigan

Ski Instructor                                                                                                   2003-2009

·         Worked as a licensed professional ski instructor in the Kid’s Academy Program.


Gemeente Overbetuwe                                                                        Elst, Netherlands  

Head of Economic Affairs and Business Relations                                             01/01-6/02

·         Managed commercial accounts for Gemeente (county) Overbetuwe (population 40,000); coordinated sales and purchases of business and industrial properties;

o   Development of new industrial parks in Elst (> 400 acres).

o   Recruited new businesses to area

o   Liaison between county and local business owners and business clubs


Gemeente Elst                                                                                      Elst, Netherlands

Head of Economic Affairs and Business Relations                                             06/99-01/01

·         Managed real estate holdings of Gemeente (county) Elst (population 17,000); coordinated sales and purchases of business and industrial properties.


Jansen Makelaars                                                                                  Elst, Netherlands

Manager Commercial Real Estate                                                                   08/97-06/99

·         Coordinated commercial property sales and leasing


Kamerbeek Vastgoed Groep                                                        Amersfoort, Netherlands

Office Manager                                                                                             12/94-08/97

·         Coordinated leasing and technical services for >10.000 real estate rental units owned by large investment funds in provinces of Utrecht and Gelderland.


Koninklijke Landmacht, (Royal Dutch Army)                                  Bussum, Netherlands

First Lieutenant                                                                                            09/92-12/93

·         Reorganized a teaching facility in conjunction with Col. Stalinga.  



Within MTU Network

·         MTRI  (Michigan Technological Research Institute)                               Ann Arbor, MI

·         MTU Department of Biological Sciences

·         MTU School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science

·         MTU Department of Chemical Engineering


Within External Entities

·         Cornell Field Station                                                                        Bridgeport, NY

·         Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)                                 Calumet Office, MI

·         EcoTek                                                                                                Detroit, MI

·         Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)                                                  Chicago, IL

·         Isle Royal State Park                                                                         Houghton, MI

·         LimnoTech                                                                                       Ann Arbor, MI

·         Upstate Freshwater Institute (UFI)                                                       Syracuse, NY

·         USGS                                                                                               Middleton, WI

·         EP                                                                                                   Houghton, MI


Dijkstra, M.L. and Auer, M.T. “Development and application of a site-specific primary production model for Lake Superior” Submitted August 2016 to a peer reviewed journal (GLR-D-16-00149).

Dijkstra, M.L. and Auer, M.T. “Spatiotemporal dynamics in environmental forcing conditions, standing crop and primary production of Lake Superior” Revised and in preparation for submission.



Contributor to Michigan Technological University's Final Project Report for assistance grant number (GL00E00560-1) project titled "Predicting Ecosystem Changes in Lake Superior."



  • May 2014, “Ecosystem function in Lake Superior: Impacts of an episodic climate anomaly” Annual conference of Great Lakes Research, Hamilton, Ontario
  • February 2014, “Ecosystem function in Lake Superior: Impacts of an episodic climate anomaly”, Seminar series Michigan Technological University
  • January 2014, “Nutrient-Phytoplankton-Modeling of Lake Superior for Decision Support.” Lake Superior Technical Committee (LSTC) of the Great Lakes Fisheries Commission (GLFC), Houghton, MI



Dijkstra, M.L., M.T. Auer., R.K. Gawde and N.A. Auer 2014. Ecosystem function in Lake Superior: Impacts of an episodic climate anomaly Michigan Tech Center for Water and Society, Houghton, MI. (Second Place - Original Research Award)

Dijkstra, M.L. and M.T. Auer. 2013. Climate Driven Ecosystem Response in Lake Superior, Insights Regarding the Effect of Alternate Thermal Regimes on Phytoplankton Dynamics. International Association for Great Lakes Research, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN.

Dijkstra, M.L. and M.T. Auer. 2013. Predicting Ecosystem Changes in Lake Superior, Insights Regarding Seasonal Offshore Phytoplankton Dynamics of Lake Superior. Michigan Tech Center for Water and Society, Houghton, MI.

Dijkstra, M.L. and M.T. Auer. 2012. Predicting Ecosystem Changes in Lake Superior, Insights Regarding Thermal Structure and the Spring Algal Bloom. Michigan Tech Center for Water and Society, Houghton, MI. (First Place - Original Research Award)

Dijkstra, M.L., Hoehn R. and M.T. Auer. 2011. GLOS – Ranger III Monitoring of Lake Superior – Insights Regarding Thermal Structure and the Spring Algal Bloom. Michigan Tech Center for Water and Society, Houghton, MI.

Dijkstra, M.L. and M.T. Auer. 2010. Formation, Maintenance and Dissipation of the Deep Chlorophyll Maximum. 12th Onondaga Lake Scientific Forum, Syracuse, NY.



·         Journal of Great Lakes Research

·         Limnology and Oceanography

·         Water, Air, & Soil Pollution



·         Workshop organized by Woman and Science Program attended in 

          Sept.  2015 and 2016 

·         Annual Energy Fair Mid-West Region, Custer 2016

·         Annual Conference on Great Lakes Research, Hamilton, Ontario 2014

·         Annual Conference on Great Lakes Research, West Lafayette, Indiana  2013

·         Annual Conference on Great Lakes Research, Duluth, Minnesota  2011

·         Onondaga Lake Scientific Forum, Syracuse, NY   2010




·         Member, International Association of Great Lakes Research  2014



       Operating Systems:          Windows (8, 7, Vista) and MacOs

       Programming:                  Visual BASIC, FORTRAN and numerical modeling in Excel

       Software:                         MS Office (EXCEL, Word and PowerPoint), ArcGIS, MATLAB

                                              and Tableau Public (data analysis).



·         English (fluent)

·         Dutch (fluent)

·         German (fluent in reading and speaking)

·         French (intermediate in speaking)

·         Spanish (intermediate in speaking)



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