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by David Barnhill last modified Aug 31, 2010 10:54 AM

TEACHING. It’s my passion.

STUDENTS. What this is all about.

NATURE. That which has ultimate value.

MEDITATING AT CLIFF EDGE. "Learn of a pine tree from a pine tree."

ENVIRONMENTAL AND SOCIAL ACTIVISM. A spirituality of resistance, and the Green Party's Four Pillars: ecological wisdom, grassroots democracy, social justice, nonviolence.

ENVIRONMENTAL PHILOSOPHY. Social ecology, deep ecology, ecofeminism.

ECOSPIRITUALITY. Quakerism, engaged Buddhism, Daoism, Neo-Confucianism, and Japanese gardens.

NATURE WRITING. Dramas of solitude and radical politics. Kenneth Rexroth, Gary Snyder, Basho, Terry Tempest Williams, Wendell Berry, Edward Abbey, Gretel Ehrlich, Saigyo, Scott Russell Sanders.

SCIENCE FICTION. Raised on Twilight Zone and Star Trek, now it's Ursula Le Guin, Daoist ecofeminist anarchist. 

FILM. Akira Kurosawa, Grapes of Wrath, Bladerunner, Sophie's Choice, Dr. Strangelove, Schindler's List, The Pawnbroker, On the Waterfront, 12 Angry Men, Monster, Dead Poet's Society, Norma Rae, Lawrence of Arabia, Magnificent Seven, Chinatown, Midnight Cowboy.

CYCLING. Trying to keep up with my wife.

FOOTBALL. Packers, the people's team.

BASEBALL. Oh, my poor Cubs. And the great film Sandlot.

COLLEGE BASKETBALL. Go Duke. (It helps to make up a bit for the Cubs.)


Smokies - NPS

Smoky Mountains National Park

(photo courtesy of National Park Service)

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by David Barnhill last modified Aug 31, 2010 10:54 AM