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Chronology of Nature Writers

by David Barnhill last modified Aug 14, 2010 09:55 AM

Note: included is one representative text – usually among many.

William Bartram. 1739-1823. Scientist and explorer.
Travels of William Bartram. 1791. Travels in the wilds of the American southeast.

Thomas Nuttal. 1786-1859. Scientist and explorer.
A Journal of Travels into the ArkansaTerritory, During the Year 1819.

George Perkins Marsh. 1801-1882. Scientist.
Man and Nature, or, Physical Geography as Modified by Human Action. 1864.

Ralph Waldo Emerson. 1803-1882. Philosopher.
Nature. 1836. America’s first philosophy of nature.

Susan Fenimore Cooper. 1813-1894. Essayist.
Rural Hours. 1850. Depictions of rural life combined with views on ideal society.

Henry David Thoreau. 1817-1862. Essayist.
Walden. 1854 (1845-1847). Account of living in a cabin.

John Wesley Powell. 1834-1902. Explorer and essayist.
Exploration of the Colorado River of the West and Its Tributaries. 1875.

John Burroughs. 1837–1921. Essayist.
Wake Robin. 1871. Highly popular writer of nature “at home.”

John Muir. 1838-1914. Essayist.
The Mountains of California. 1894.

Clarence King. 1842-1901. Essayist.
Mountaineering in the Sierra Nevada.

Liberty Hyde Bailey. 1858-1954. Scientist and essayist.
The Holy Earth. 1815.

Mabel Osgood Wright. 1859–1934. Essayist.
The Garden, You, and I. 1906.

Ernest Thompson Seton. 1860-1946. Essayist.
Lives of Game Animals. 1926.

Mary Austin. 1868-1934. Essayist and novelist.
The Land of Little Rain. 1903. Living in the desert country of the Southwest.

Aldo Leopold. 1887-1948. Natural resource scientist and essayist.
A Sand CountyAlmanac and Sketches Here and There. 1949. Personal account of one year, plus essays including “The Land Ethic,” still one of the most important essays on environmental ethics.

Robinson Jeffers. 1887-1962. Poet.
Solstice and Other Poems. 1935.

Henry Beston. 1888-1968. Essayist.
The Outermost House: A Year of Life on the GreatBeach of Cape Cod. 1928.

Joseph Wood Krutch. 1893-1970. Essayist.
The Great Chain of Life. 1956.

Donald Culross Peattie. 1898-1964. Essayist.
An Almanac for Moderns. 1935.

Sigurd Olson . 1899–1982. Essayist.
The Singing Wilderness. 1956

Edwin Way Teale . 1899–1980. Essayist.
Circle of the Seasons: The Journal of a Naturalist's Year. 1953.

Norman Maclean . 1902–1990. Novelist.
A River Runs Through It. 1976.

John Steinbeck . 1902–1968. Novelist.
The Log from the Sea of Cortez . 1951.

Kenneth Rexroth. 1905-1982. Poet, cultural critic.
The Heart’s Garden, The Garden’s Heart. 1967. Long poem written while living in Japan.

Rachel Carson. 1907-1964. Scientist and essayist.
Silent Spring. 1962. A warning about pesticides that started the environmental movement.

Loren Eiseley. 1907–1977. Scientist and essayist.
The Immense Journey. 1946.

Wallace Stegner. 1909–1993. Novelist.
The Sound of Mountain Water. 1969.

John Hay. 1915-. Essayist.
The Immortal Wilderness. 1987.

Farley Mowat. 1921-. Essayist.
Never Cry Wolf. 1963.

Edward Hoagland . 1932. Essayist.
The Courage of Turtles . 1971.

William Kittredge. 1932. Essayist.
Owning It All . 1987.

John Haines. 1924-. Poet and essayist.
Living Off the Country: Essays on Poetry and Place. 1981.

Ann Zwinger. 1925-. Essayist.
RunRiver Run. 1975.

Edward Abbey. 1927-1989. Essayist and novelist.
Desert Solitaire. 1968. Personal account of a summer in the desert.
The Monkey Wrench Gang. 1975. Novel about radical environmental activists.

Peter Matthiessen. 1927-. Essayist and novelist.
Snow Leopard. 1978. Account of a Buddhist-inspired journey in the Himalayas.

Ursula K. LeGuin. 1929-. Novelist and poet.
Always Coming Home. 1985. Untraditional, ecologically attentive speculative fiction “novel.”

Gary Snyder. 1930-. Poet, cultural critic, essayist.
TurtleIsland. 1974. Poems, winner of the Pulitzer Prize.
The Practice of the Wild. 1990. Essays on nature, culture, and literature.

John McPhee. 1931-. Essayist.
Annals of the Former World. 1998. Pulitzer-prize winning reflections on historical geology.

Wendell Berry. 1934-. Poet, novelist, cultural critic, essayist, and farmer.
The Long-Legged House. 1969. Essays of personal experience and political critique.
The Unsettling of America. 1977. Systematic critique of American culture’s relation to the land.

N. Scott Momaday. 1934-. Novelist. Native American.
A House Made of Dawn. 1968. Pulitzer Prize winning novel of an American Indian.

Sue Hubbell. 1935-. Essayist.
A Country Year: Living the Questions. 1986. An account of a bee-raising farmstead.

Chet Raymo. 1936-. Scientist and essayist.
The Soul of the Night: An Astronomical Pilgrimage . 1985.

Jim Harrison. 1937-. Novelist and poet.
Legends of the Fall. 1979.
Just Before Dark: Collected Nonfiction . 1991.

William Least Heat-Moon. 1939-. Essayist.
Blue Highways. 1982.

John Hanson Mitchell. 1940-. Essayist.
Ceremonial Time. 1984.

Richard K. Nelson. 1941-. Essayist and anthropologist.
Make Prayers to the Raven: A Koyukon View of the Northern Forest. 1983. Anthropological study.
The Island Within. 1989. Personal experience, focused on hunting.

Robert Finch. 1943-. Essayist.
The Primal Place. 1983.

Linda Hasselstrom. 1943-. Essayist.
Land Circle: Writings Collected from the Land. 1991.

Alice Walker. 1944-. Novelist. African-American.
The Color Purple. 1982.

Annie Dillard. 1945-. Essayist.
Pilgrim at Tinker Creek. 1974. Spiritual reflections on nature, culture, and psychology.

Scott Russell Sanders. 1945-. Essayist.
Staying Put: Making a Home in a Restless World. 1993. Essays on a sense of place.

David Rains Wallace. 1945-. Essayist.
The Untamed Garden and Other Personal Essays . 1986.

Gretel Ehrlich. 1946-. Essayist.
The Solace of Open Spaces. 1985. An account of life on a ranch.
Questions of Heaven: The Chinese Journeys of an American Buddhist. 1997. A pilgrimage to China.

Alison Hawthorne Deming. 1946-. Essayist.
Temporary Homelands. 1994.

Linda Hogan. 1947-. Novelist, poet, and essayist. Native American.
Dwellings: A Spiritual History of the Living World. 1995. Essays on a Native American view of the land.

Leslie Marmon Silko. 1948-. Novelist, poet, and essayist. Native American.
Ceremony. Award-winning novel about Native American life.

Robert Michael P yle . 1947-. Essayist and scientist.
Wintergreen: Rambles in a Ravaged Land. 1986.

Diane Ackerman . 1948-. Essayist.
A Natural History of the Senses . 1991.

John Daniel . 1948-. Essayist.
The Trail Home. 1992.

David Quammen . 1948-. Essayist and scientist.
Natural Acts: A Sidelong View of Science and Nature. 1985.

 Gary Paul Nabhan. 1952. Essayist and scientist.
The Desert Smells Like Rain.

David Mas Masumoto. 1954-. Essayist and farmer.
Epitaph for a Peach: Four Seasons on My Family Farm. 1996. An account of struggling to keep alive an alternative fruit orchard.

Terry Tempest Williams. 1955-. Essayist.
Pieces of White Shell: A Journey to Navajoland. 1984. Essays on living near and learning from the Navajo.

Barbara Kingsolver. 1955-. Novelist and essayist.
Prodigal Summer. 2001.

Rick Bass. 1958-. Essayist and novelist.
The Deer Pasture. 1985. An account of living with nature.

Bill McKibben. 1960-. Essayist.
The End of Nature.

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