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Requests for Service

  1. Routine Requests:
    • Requests for routine maintenance and keys can be made 24 hours a day through the on-line work order system.
    • To access this system, visit the work order request website.
      Fill out all of the required information on the form and hit the send button. Your request will be electronically sent to the work order dispatcher, who will review your request and then forward it electronically to the appropriate maintenance shop.
  2. Emergency Requests:
    • Requests for emergency work requiring an immediate response can be called in to the FM office at 424-3466 from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

Emergencies occurring after 3:00 PM should be phoned in to the Campus Police Office at 424-1212.

Review the following documents for more information on the work order and chargeback process, as well as chargeback rates:

Work order process powerpoint

chargeback rates

Please see the UW System Building Maintenance Chargeback Policy for more information on what is chargeable: SYS 322 Attachment: Physical Plant Services Chargebacks | UW Policies (



Scheduling Repairs

Repairs are scheduled and updated on a weekly basis. Priority is assigned to each work order in accordance with the following work order response priority system:

Priority #1:

Emergency – any situation posing immediate danger to life, property, and/or the environment.

Priority #2:

Urgent – Equipment not operational, requires fast action and/or correction. Failure to rapidly correct could have significant impact on operations in facility. Example: Failure of heating system in winter.

Priority #3:

Preventative Maintenance. Example: changing filters, belts etc.

Priority #4:

Routine Maintenance. Work that can be deferred and has no established completion date.

Priority #5:

Shutdown required work that cannot be accomplished while equipment is in operation.

Phone: (920) 424-3466

Fax: (920) 424-0259



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