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The European Studies Minor is recommended for students who wish to acquire a specialized knowledge of European affairs and culture to supplement their majors and to prepare for careers related to this area.

Students have to take a minimum of 24 credits of courses approved for the European Studies Minor (see list below).

There is only one required course: International Studies 402 (Senior Seminar in International Studies) or 403 (Honors: Senior Seminar in International Studies).

Courses which satisfy the requirements for the Minor also count towards the International Studies Major, enabling students to combine the two into a package of complementing specializations.


European Studies Courses



Art 209                  Art History Survey I

Art 210                  Art History Survey II

Art 310                  Art History, Ancient Art

Art 311                  Art History, Medieval Art

Art 312                  Art History, Gothic Art and Architecture

Art 313                  Art History, Italian Renaissance

Art 314                  Art History, Northern Renaissance Art

Art 315                  Art History, European Baroque and Rococo Art, 17th and 18th Centuries

Art 320                  Art History, European Art, 19th-Century

Art 321                  Art History, Modern, 1900-1945

Art 325                  Art History, Greek and Roman Art



Economics 309       Marxian Economics

Economics 420       International Finance and Trade

Economics 421       Honors: International Finance and Trade

Economics 427       Economic and Social Development of Great Britain

Economics 428       Economics of European Integration and Growth



English 210             Classical and Medieval Literature

English 225             Modern British Literature

English 351             Medieval Literature: Optional Content

English 365             Modern British Fiction: Optional Content



French 306             Contemporary France

French 309             French Speaking Societies and Cultures

French 315             Medieval and Modern French Literature           

French 318             French Literature of the 18th and 19th Centuries

French 321             French and Francophone Literature of the 20th Century

French 330             French Civilization 

French 331             La Civilisation française à travers les arts

French 401             Thèmes littèraires    

French 403             Le genre littéraire                    

French 405             Le cinéma français



German 306           Landeskunde: Introduction to the German-Speaking World

German 308           Introduction to German Literature

German 315           Medieval and Early Modern German Literature

German 318           German Literature of the late 18th and 19th Centuries

German 321           German Literature of the Twentieth Century to the Present

German 323           Multicultural Germany

German 325           German Mass Media and Current Events

German 327           The German Fairy Tale Tradition

German 330           German Civilization




Spanish 315           Medieval and Early Modern Spanish Literatures

Spanish 318           Spanish Literatures: 18th Century to the Present

Spanish 332           Spanish Civilization

Spanish 362           Special Topics in Spanish Literature: Optional Content

Spanish 363           Special Topics in Spanish Civilization: Optional Content

Spanish 401           Medieval and Renaissance Literature

Spanish 404           Spanish Golden Age Literature

Spanish 412           The 20th Century



Geography 331      Europe

Geography 338      Russian Realm



History 101            Early Civilization

History 102            Modern Civilization

History 103            Honors: Modern Civilization

History 302            Ancient Greece

History 303            Roman History

History 304            Early Middle Ages, 300-1050

History 305            Late Middle Ages, 1050-1450

History 306            The Crusades

History 308            Renaissance Europe

History 310            Reformation Europe

History 312            Special Topics in European History: Optional Content

History 316            Romanticism and Revolution in Europe

History 318            Modernism and Nationalism in Europe

History 319            Europe Since 1914

History 322            European Absolutism

History 323            Old Regime, French Revolution and Napoleon, 1763-1815

History 329            Culture and Society in Eighteenth Century France

History 330            Imperial Germany

History 331            Germany from World War I to Present

History 332            Rise and Fall of Third Reich, 1919-1945

History 333            The Holocaust

History 334            Women in Modern European History

History 340            The Scientific Revolution

History 343            Religion in Modern Europe

History 344            Europe since 1945

History 350            Modern East Europe

History 370            Russia to 1861

History 371            Modern Russia          

History 372            Medieval Britain to 1485

History 373            Early Modern Britain: 1485 - 1714

History 374            Modern Britain: 1714 – Present

History 412            European History Seminar




Music 205              Survey of Music History I

Music 207              Survey of Music History II



Philosophy 301       History of Ancient Western Philosophy

Philosophy 305       History of Modern Western Philosophy


Political Science

Poli Science 301     European Union Politics

Poli Science 309     West European Politics

Poli Science 317     United States Foreign Policy

Poli Science 336     Russian Politics


Religious Studies

Rel. Studies 210     Christianity


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