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Chancellor’s Award for Excellence

The Chancellor’s Award for Excellence is intended to recognize a senior student who:

  • Possesses high academic and leadership qualities;
  • Demonstrates a commitment to the ideals of excellence and service to others.
  • Has an anticipated graduate date between May of 2024 and January of 2025.

The criteria for this award include:

  • Academic performance; University-related service; and
  • Community involvement (excluding athletic participation).

Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to nominate senior students for this recognition. Self-nominations will not be accepted. The student must be nominated.

How to nominate a student:

  1. Talk to the student you would like to nominate.
  2. The student needs to go into Academic Works and fill in their information for the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence.
  3. The student should list you as the nominator. They will also need to list two additional faculty members to provide a reference letter.
  4. The nominator and references will receive an email from Academic Works asking them to upload their nomination/reference letter.

The deadline for all paperwork to be submitted has been extended to Tuesday, March 5th, 2024 by 4:30pm.

Gladys J. Larson Scholarship Award

Qualified students will apply on Academic Works.

  • Applicant must be a full-time undergraduate enrolled in their first semester at the Oshkosh campus during Fall 2023.
  • Applicant must have a strong desire to continue their education.
  • Contributions (excluding athletic participations) will be considered in the selection process.
  • Applicant must achieve a minimum 2.9 cumulative GPA for the Fall 2023 semester.
  • Financial need based on an essay will be considered but will not be the dominant criterion in selections.
  • Supplemental Questions
    1. Please submit an essay which includes the following: a) your involvement in extracurricular activities since enrolling at UW Oshkosh, including dates of involvement (see help text for considerations); b) your educational, career, and personal goals; c) why you feel you are qualified for this scholarship; d) a description of your financial need.
    2. You must provide the name and email of two UWO faculty members who have agreed to serve as references to support your application.
      • Please provide the name and email of your reference. They will be notified to submit their recommendation once added to your application.

Four awards of $500 each will be paid out in Fall 2024.

Application Deadline is Friday, March 15, 2024.


Roger E. Guiles Leadership/Scholarship Award

Download the 2024 Roger E. Guiles Leadership-Scholarship Award Nomination Form or pick it up in the Office of Student Affairs, Dempsey 148.

This award was established by former chancellor Roger E. Guiles. Students must be nominated for this award. Nominator must complete the form and submit with required materials to the Office of Student Affairs by the deadline.

  1. The recipient shall be a student leader who most notably represents a reflection of the ideals of the University
  2. Has good scholarship habits as reflected in GPA.
  3. Recipient must be a second semester sophomore (based on number of semesters enrolled, not number of credits earned) and must be enrolled at the Oshkosh campus.
  4. The recipient must have shown the ability to work within the system and must have shown leadership in encouraging other students to become positively involved.
  5. Need is not a crucial criterion for this award.
  6. Athletic participation shall not be considered.

Self-nominations are not accepted.

The award consists of a scholarship of approximately $950 to be applied as a credit against the recipient’s fall semester tuition in 2023.

Nominations may be made by students, faculty, or staff of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

DEADLINE: The nomination form and all supporting documentation must be received in the Office of Student Affairs via email: UWOStudentAffairs@uwosh.edu or delivered to Dempsey Hall 148, no later than 4:00p.m. on Friday, March 15, 2024.

Talk to someone today and ask them to nominate you!