Student Research

Environmental Studies students have undertaken a wide range of exciting research projects on environmental and sustainability issues. Here are some examples:

  • Brianna Beseler, Faculty/Student Collaborative Research Grants, “Characterizing the Geomorphology of Coastal Montane Streams – Robbins River, Jamaica,” Dr. Mark Bowen, and “Long-term Fire History from Bass Lake Northeastern Wisconsin,” Dr. Colin Long
  • Jori Brandner, research assistant, “Foraging behavior of captive-reared cranes during soft-release,” Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership, Dr. Misty McPhee
  • Steve Freund, research assistant, “Habitat use and preference of whooping cranes in eastern Wisconsin,” Dr. Misty McPhee and Matthew Gondek (Masters student)
  • Burgundy Johnson, “Wisconsin, the Wilderness, and the Age of Humans: The Existentialist Dread of a Gen Z’er,” SIRT Sustainability Research Grant, Dr. Jim Feldman
  • Kenzie (Knox) Shandonnay, “Monitoring of Blue-Green Algae and Blue-Green Algal Toxins at Tainter Lake, Dunn County, WI,” UW System Undergraduate Water Research Grant, Dr. Elisabeth Harrahy (UW-Whitewater)
  • Bonita Pernot, “Bridging the Gap Between Humans and Nature Through Outdoor Experiential Education: Implications Toward Long-Term Learning Outcomes and Transferable Life Skills,” honors thesis, Dr. Jim Feldman
  • Erin Thompson, “Urban Farming in Wisconsin,” SIRT Sustainability Research Grant, Dr. Jim Feldman
  • Kevin Mueller, Soil moisture under multiple conservation regimes, Dr. Katy Hofmeister (check out this cool video!).

Interested in getting involved in student research at UW Oshkosh? Check out some of these campus programs:

Sustainability Institute for Regional Transformations

Office of Student Research & Creative Activity 

McNair Scholars Program

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