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Graduate Programs

In some fields, you'll need to get an advanced degree to pursue the career you want. In other fields, an advanced degree may help you start off at a higher level and get the dream job. But you need to know what the graduate programs are. Check out the information below.

Should I get a graduate degree after completing my work at UW Oshkosh?
This is an important question, and the answer depends on many factors. Some careers do not call for a graduate degree; for some you have to get a graduate degree; and in some cases a graduate degree is not necessary, but it will give you more options and help you land a better job. It is important to start thinking early about what possible careers you might want to enter. Then you can start thinking about whether graduate school might make sense and what courses you need in order to get into a good graduate program. The Director of the Environmental Studies program Jim Feldman is happy to talk with you about careers and graduate school, and you can talk to other faculty as well.

What kinds of graduate programs are there?
There are many different kinds, depending on the career you are considering. In fact, there are probably more kinds of graduate programs than you have ever thought of. So it is important to get informed on what is out there and how different kinds of programs can empower you to do what you would like to do and be effective in environmental work.

Are there different types of masters programs?
There are two general types of masters programs. One is “professional,” in which the programs are intended to be a terminal degree geared toward giving you what you need to enter a professional career. The other is “academic.” These are primarily geared toward preparing you for a Ph.D. program, but they can also serve to prepare you for a career in research (especially in the sciences).

What is the difference between masters and Ph.D. programs?
A Ph.D. degree gives you the credential as a true expert in your field. Ph.D. programs are much more demanding than masters programs not only in requirements and ability but also the time required to complete them. The culminating requirement is a dissertation (virtually a book), which can be very difficult to complete. They are also riskier – not a few students fail to complete a Ph.D. program. And they are more limited in terms of what they allow you to do. Most people with Ph.D.s try to become a professor – not a great job market. But some Ph.D.s, especially in the sciences, can enable you to be a top-flight researcher.

Environmental Studies Graduate Programs

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