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Off-Campus and Graduate Programs

Supplement your education at UW Oshkosh by taking advantage of off-campus programs. Take the next step and get a graduate degree. Here's some information that will help you get there.

Proactive Learning

Off campus courses, workshops, field trips and other types of training can be fun, educational and help you get into that graduate program or that job you want. Learn more.

Off Campus Programs

Want to gain broader experience and additional skills? Supplement your studies at UW Oshkosh with field studies Programs and semester programs at other institutions. There are many fascinating field studies opportunites sponsored by organizations within the U.S. and abroad. There are also one and two semester environmental programs that are academically focused. Consider these as an enrichment experience during summer or during fall or spring semester. Learn more.

Graduate Programs

In some fields, you'll need to get an advanced degree to pursue the career you want. In other fields, an advanced degree may help you start off at a higher level and get the dream job. But you need to know what the graduate programs are. Learn more.

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