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Organizations and Websites with Volunteer Opportunities

There are MANY opportunities to volunteer. They are educational, they build your resume, they show that you are self-motivated, and networking can land you a great job. Many of them can be turned into a for-credit internship.


State Parks and Other Public Areas

All parks can use volunteers for invasive species control, trail maintenance, and special events. Serve, learn and network. Learn more.


Government Agencies

Do you want to work for the DNR or National Wildlife Refuge system? Volunteer, learn and network. Learn more.


Nature Centers

Wisconsin has a lot of great Nature Centers that sponsor a variety of conservation and educational activities. And they love having volunteers. Learn more.


Other Nature Organizations

Nature conservancies, land trusts, native plant societies -- they all can use your help and they can give you valuable experience. Learn more.


Advocacy Organizations

Gain experience in advocating for environmental policies, hone your skills and network by volunteering with advocacy organizations. Learn more.


Websites with Volunteer Opportunities

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