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Activism Workshops

Do you want to make a greener world? You have to have skills and experience, and here are some ways of gaining those.

Green Corps Environmental Leadership Training Program

Green Corps' mission is to teach the next generation of environmental leaders the strategies and skills they'll need to win tomorrow's environmental battles while providing critical field support for today's pressing environmental problems. It offers year-long, full-time paid training positions!

Sierra Student Coalition (SSC)

SSC's trainings are one of the most comprehensive grassroots skills training programs for high school and college-aged youth. We offer week-long, in-person trainings during the summer, conduct phone trainings by request during each semester, and integrate skills trainings into state, regional and national conferences. Learn more about the SSC program.


Greenpeace Organizing Term

The Greenpeace Organizing Term is an action-packed semester of travel and training. It’s a hands-on program that gives you the skills to be an environmental leader. You’ll learn about current environmental issues and solutions and you’ll get trained by the experts in grassroots organizing, leadership, media, and campaign strategy. You’ll travel abroad with Greenpeace to work with international activists. Many students are also able to receive class credit for the semester. For more information or to apply, visit the Greenpeace website. The semester is based in both the Washington, D.C. and San Francisco offices. Contact program staff with questions at


Oxfam CHANGE Initiative

U.S. college students entering their sophomore or junior year can take advantage of Oxfam America's leadership training and become skilled and knowledgeable agents of change. Exposed to the international development issues that direct Oxfam's work, CHANGE Leaders use their new skills and insights to run Oxfam campaigns on their campuses and in their local communities. We strongly encourage online applications. If you have any questions please call 1-800-77-OXFAM x464 or email


Student Empowerment Training Project

The SET Project's purpose is to support student governments and state student associations in their efforts to be stronger, more effective advocates for the student voice by providing training, consultation, materials and staff support. Over the past 20 years, the SET Project has worked with student leaders in every state to help them develop stronger associations and win concrete victories for students.

C2C Fellows

C2C Fellows engages 300 students each year in intensive, weekend leadership trainings. We challenge you to consider: What skills and experiences are needed to become people of power, people with the ability to affect the future, within five to ten years? C2C then supports Fellows to gain these skills. The US Constitution empowers citizens at age 25 to become members of Congress. Yet few young people even imagine pursuing this opportunity. More students have been inspired by young business entrepreneurs. Yet few develop the leadership skills needed to launch a green business.

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