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Internships and volunteering are invaluable. Through them you learn what you do (and do not) want to do after graduation, gain experience that prepares you for a career, learn important skills, make you more attractive to employers and graduate schools, and often they involve providing service to the community.

There are many different kinds of environmental internships and volunteer possibilities. Learn what kinds are out there and keep abreast of what openings there are.

We now offer two internships:

  • ES 300: Internship in Environmental Studies
    (for students in the Policy and Values Emphasis)
  • ES 301: Internship in Environmental Science
    (for students in the Environmental Science Emphasis)

Note: To get academic credit in ES for an internship, you must make arrangements in advance and sign up for ES 300 or 301, taught by Rich Marshall ( Career Services. Contact him early!

Internship Opportunities

Explore numerous internship opportunities by visiting the environmental internship sources Web page.

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