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Internships, Jobs, Volunteering

Don't just sit there in classes. Complement your academic education with jobs, internships, volunteering, and proactive learning.

Looking for a job?

There are many environmental jobs and different types of careers than what you may be aware of. CLICK HERE to go to our environmental jobs website.

How about an internship?

There are many organizations offering internships. They are an opportunity to gain skills and experience, and you may be able to academic credit or $$$. CLICK HERE to go to our environmental internship website.

Consider volunteering

Volunteering can give you valuable experience, and employers look for those who have shown the commitment involved in volunteering. CLICK HERE to go to our volunteer website.

What is proactive learning?
There are opportunities for learning in addition to your ES courses. They could make a difference in landing the job you want. CLICK HERE to find out what they are and which ones makes sense for you.

Current Opportunities

Click HERE for a list of some current Wisconsin-area opportunities

Keep in mind you can always ask your adviser about these opportunities.

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