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Economists Warn of Climate Change Impacts on the Economy

Want to ensure a healthy future for our economy? Take decisive action on global warming

We Can't Wait: The Cost of Delaying Action to Stem Climate Change
30 July 2014. Huffington Post. Jason Furman and John Podesta.
Our report finds that the costs of achieving a fixed climate change goal would be 40 percent larger if we waited a decade to take action. And those costs could grow exponentially with a longer wait.

$150 Billion a Year Will Be Cost of Climate Inaction
29 July 2014. Inside Climate News.
Damage to public health and biodiversity, as well as physical impacts from rising seas and more severe storms, droughts and wildfires will add up quickly.

Former Bush Treasury Sec Hank Paulson to Entrepreneurs: Take Climate Change Seriously
24 June 2014. By Jonathan Fahey,
Climate change is likely to exact enormous costs on U.S. regional economies in the form of lost property, reduced industrial output and more deaths, according to a report backed by a trio of men with vast business experience.

The "Risky Business Report" 
Launched in October, 2013, the Risky Business Project focuses on quantifying and publicizing the economic risks from the impacts of a changing climate. The U.S. faces significant and diverse economic risks from climate change. The signature effects of human-induced climate change—rising seas, increased damage from storm surge, more frequent bouts of extreme heat—all have specific, measurable impacts on our nation’s current assets and ongoing economic activity.

How Ignoring Climate Change Could Sink the U.S. Economy
24 July 2014. Washington Post. Robert Rubin, Co-Chair, Council on Foreign Relations and former Treasury Secretary.
"The U.S. economy faces enormous risks from unmitigated climate change."

The Coming Climate Crash
24 June 2014. New York Times. Henry Paulson, former Treasury Secretary to President George W. Bush.
"We’re staring down a climate bubble that poses enormous risks to both our environment and economy. The warning signs are clear and growing more urgent as the risks go unchecked. This is a crisis we cannot afford to ignore."

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