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News Reports on Stranded Assets & the Carbon Bubble

The Carbon Bubble is increasingly discussed in the news. Here are some news accounts.

Billions in oil investments at risk from low crude prices, says Carbon Tracker. 15 Aug 2014. Reuters.

Carbon Supply Cost Curves Evaluating Financial Risk To Oil Capital Expenditures. 1 June 2014. Carbon Tracker Initiative.

Oil giant says profits are assured. 27 May 2014. Climate News Network.

Shell hits back at 'carbon bubble' claims. 20 May 2014. Guardian.

Groups Pressure Shell to End Oil Addiction Before Its ‘Carbon Bubble’ Bursts. 20 May 2014. EcoWatch..
Two Friends of the Earth groups say it’s time for people to divest from the giant company.

Will Alberta's oilsands become 'stranded assets'?
28 April 2014. Vancouver Tyee, British Columbia
Some financial firms are moving towards consensus on an investment thesis with existential implications for Alberta's oilsands. There may soon come a day when global demand for oil peaks, production starts to decline, and many oil operations, as well as the companies running them, become uneconomic.

Exxon Mobil's commitment to carbon asset risk is just the beginning
24 Mar 2014. Guardian

Exxon Mobil takes on 'carbon bubble' with market risk report.
21 Mar 2014. EnergyWire
Exxon Mobil Corp. has agreed to study the risk to its business if the world were to take aggressive action on climate change. As Exxon Mobil is the world's largest public oil and gas firm, the move is easily the most significant industry acknowledgement of the "carbon bubble."

In shift, Exxon Mobil to report on risks to its fossil fuel assets.
21 March 2014. New York Times
On Thursday, a shareholder group said that it had won its biggest prize yet, when Exxon Mobil became the first oil and gas producer to agree to report on the risks that stricter limits on carbon emissions would place on their business.

Oil and Gas Giant Exxon Agrees to Its First Carbon Risk Disclosure
21 Mar 2014. EcoWatch

Climate threatens retirement savings
Climate News Network. 10 Dec 2013.

Why are CEOs struggling to prove sustainability value to investors?
Business Green. 5 Dec 2013. 

How Ivy League Universities Are Failing Us on Climate Change
Laura Flanders, The Nation. December 4, 2013

Bloomberg LP Launches First Tool That Measures Risk of 'Unburnable Carbon' Assets
Inside Climate News. 3 Dec 2013.

The (Untapped) Carbon Conundrum.
Huffington Post
, November 23, 2013.

Coal Seen as New Tobacco Sparking Investor Backlash. Bloomberg News, 20 November 2013.

Investor Concerns About Fossil Fuels Are Growing.
21 November 2013. Forbes.

‘Unburnable’ carbon fuels investment concerns.
Guardian. 7 November 2013..

Energy change means peril for investors.
Climate News Network, 1 November 2013. See the report "Systems not Silos."

World is on brink of "carbon bubble."
Grist. 1 November 2013.

The Coming Carbon Asset Bubble.
Al Gore and David Blood. Wall Street Journal. 30 October 2013.

Pension Funds that Ignore Climate Change are Failing to Protect Savers.
Guardian. 29 October 2013.

Climate change could put $6 trillion in fossil fuel reserves at risk. Quartz. 26 Oct 2013.

Climate regulations could cost fossil-fuel firms trillions. Should they be worried?
Washington Post, 25 October 2013.

Energy Investors Pile On the Pressure.
Climate News Network. 25 October 2013.

Major Pension Funds Push Fossil Fuel Companies To Address How They'll Deal with Climate Change.
Think Progress. 25 October 2013.

Could accountants deflate the 'carbon bubble'?
Business Green. 18 October 2013.

Wall Street Demands Answers From Fossil Fuel Producers on 'Unburnable' Carbon
Elizabeth Douglas. Inside Climate News. October 24, 2013.

The “Carbon Bubble” Is Going to Burst – Avoid Oil Stocks.
Al Gore. 18 October 2013.

Citibank: Utilities Are Dinosaurs Waiting To Die.
GreenBiz. 10 October 2013.

Citibank Analysis of Coal's Future.
RenewEconomy. 24 September 2013.

Major fossil fuel reserves must be left in the ground, senior diplomat warns
The Guardian. 23 Sep 2013

Yesterday's Fuel. Economist. 3 August 2013.

Decarbonising the economy: the pivotal role of the financial sector
Guardian. 19 July 2013.

Investors back away from fossil fuel assets and fracking. Guardian. 18 July 2013.

Pension Funds and Climate Change: Can't Act, Won't Act. Guardian. 1 July 2013.

After Bubbles in Dotcoms and Housing, Here’s the Carbon Bubble.
Wall Street Journal, 16 May 2013.

Unburnable fuel: Either governments are not serious about climate change or fossil-fuel firms are overvalued.
Economist. 4 May 2013.

On Unburnable Carbon and the Specter of a Carbon Bubble.
New York Times. 3 May 2013.

Carbon Bubble. Carbon Tracker.

An Earth Day Debate: Is There a ‘Carbon Bubble’?
New York Times.
22 April 2013.

Carbon bubble: $6 trillion of new investments at risk.
Renew Economy. 19 April 2013.

Citigroup: Renewables Will Triumph and Natural Gas Will Help. Grist. 1 April 2013.

Climate change and resource scarcity may wipe out pensions industry
Guardian. 18 January 2013.

Thinking Outside the Bubble.
Mosaic, 2013.

Investors ask fossil fuel companies to assess how business plans fare in low-carbon future. Ceres.

Pension Funds Must Become 'Climate Conscious Investors.' Pension Funds Online.

The Risks of Climate Change are Already Material: New Ceres/EDF Study Calls for SEC to Mandate Better Disclosure.
MSCI. June 22, 2009

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