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ES alumni: let us know what you are up to! Send additions and changes to Jim Feldman, Also, many alums are on Facebook. Check the UWO ES Facebook page and the friends on Jim Feldman's Facebook page.

Kyle Sandmire

  • 14' Environmental Science and Policy Masters, and '12, Environmental Studies and History Bachelors
  • Environmental Scientist at GEI Consultants, Inc.

    • A nationwide company that employees over 850 professionals working from 32 office locations throughout the country. For more than 40 years, they have provided a wide range of consulting services encompassing environmental and water resources practice areas.

    • Performs on site investigations to evaluate the potential environmental conditions that may warrant site remediation. Completes invasive species identification surveys and wetlands delineation assessments. Responsible for managing ongoing environmental projects.


Korin Doering

  • ES Major, Business Administration Minor, Associates Degree, Water Resources Management, M.S.

  • Winnebago Waterways Program Coordinator at Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance

    • An independent, non-profit organization that identifies issues and advocates effective policies and actions that protect, restore, and sustain water resources. The organization is over 30 years old and has experienced rapid growth over the last few years.

    • Oversees the Winnebago Waterways Program and leads the development of a lake management plan for the four Winnebago Pool Lakes.


Michelle Miller

  • Jan ‘13, ES Major, Policy and Procedures Emphasis, Sustainable Management Minor

  • Corporate Sustainability Specialist at Green Bay Packaging Inc.

    • A third generation privately owned company which employs more than 3,000 people at more than 34 divisions operating in 15 states and Mexico. Recognized as a Wisconsin Green Master for the 9th consecutive year.

    • Oversees company sustainable forestry certification programs, monitors key performance indicators, and creates corporate communications and reporting on sustainability performance, policies, and messaging.

"My time in the Environmental Studies program at UWO provided me with the discipline to view different environmental issues from varying perspectives which has been instrumental in developing and advancing sustainability programs. At the time, all the papers, reports, and presentations seemed like a lot but the various projects I completed were invaluable experience that have helped me tremendously in my corporate positions. Also I took three internships before graduating and this was very helpful in getting my feet wet in the different possible career paths for environmental studies."


Ryan Piedot

  • June ‘05, ES & Economics Double Major

  • Magages solid/hazardous waste and Environmental Compliance programs at 1,200 Kohl's’ Department Stores across the U.S.

    • Develops reuse/recycling programs versus landfill disposal to help reduce Kohls' environmental footprint and divert waste out of the landfills.

    • Ensures Kohls’ is in compliance with federal and state environmental regulations related to waste management, supply chain processes, and building related activities.

"The ES program at UWO proved to be invaluable to my career path. The environmental stewardship values and course work have helped me to develop programs and methodologies to encourage long-term sustainability goals and practices. Without the dedication and leadership from the UWO and ES staff, I would not be where I am today."


James DeDecker

  • May '09, ES & Anthropology double major

  • Entered the Crop Sciences Masters Program at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, Illinois.

    • Works with Dr. John B. Masiunas investigating alternative vegetable crop production systems, with focus on brassica cover crops for weed control.

    • Completing a thesis project aimed at identifying factors that influence the selection of weed management practices among organic growers in the Midwest U.S. in order to improve organic weed management outreach.

“The thoughtful liberal arts education I received in the ES program equipped me to address environmental issues in a critical and practical manner.  My career is an expression of my skills, passion and values.”


Deanna Engelmann

  • Jan '09, BBA in Economics & ES minor

  • Student Career Experience  Program (SCEP) Forestry Technician in the Silviculture department on the Umatilla.

    • Works in the field seasonally and attend classes over the school year in preparation for a permanent, full-time Forester position upon graduation.

"I would not be where I am today without the guidance, leadership, and passion of the UWO faculty, specifically from the ES department. My experiences there were both memorable and influential, and I am grateful for the role they played in molding my desire to pursue a fulfilling, meaningful career in natural resources."


Curt Hendricks

  • June '08, ES & Geography minor

  • Natural Resources Specialist for the US Army Corps of Engineers working on Lake Barkley in Grand Rivers, Kentucky.

    • Shoreline management

    • Meets with new and current waterfront landowners, issuing licences and permits, reinspecting properties, doing land and boat patrol and writing citations when necessary.

"Overall, I love my job and cannot imagine doing anything else."


Peter VanLinn

  • Jan '06, ES & Biology minor

  • Park Ecologist in Forest Park in St. Louis, MO.

    • Forest Park is a 1300+ acre park in the heart of St. Louis' metropolitan area that deals with many of the problems related to managing natural areas in an urban setting.

    • Manages two Natural Reserve Stewards and our goal is to restore, maintain, and sustain more than 150 acres of natural reserves within Forest Park.

    • Prepares management plans for future projects, removing invasive species, speaking to the public at various organizational meetings and conducting water quality assessments.

"The most beneficial part of the UWO ES program for me was the ability to construct my study program in a way that best served for future career goals. The interdisciplinary nature of the program allowed me to match my ES major with my biology minor so that I could focus on coursework in each of those departments that I felt were going to be most important for my career in the environmental sciences."


Nicole DeKeuster

  • Jan '06, ES & Political Science double major

  • Administrative Coordinator for the Butte des Morts Conservation

    • Works to conserve, preserve, and restore nearly 1200 acres along Lake Butte des Morts known as Terrell's Island. More information on the Club can be found at

"The Environmental Studies program gave me the ability to understand the science and biology of wetland restoration while being sensitive to the cultural, ethical, and political landscape which surrounds us as well. Education is ongoing in any field, but with the foundation that was laid by this program I have been able to successfully work with a diverse group of interests on the restoration of Terrell's Island. Your education is what you make it. If you have a passion for a particular area take the reigns and don't be afraid to make your own internships if you don't see one available that suits you. You truly never know where your contacts in such endeavors will lead and the experience itself is invaluable"

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