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Student Learning Outcomes

The ES program has specific learning outcomes we want all of our majors to achieve by the time they graduate. Here is a list of outcomes for the program as a whole, as well as links to learning outcomes for each of our core classes.

1. Students will be able to analyze key concepts in Environmental Science and Environmental Policy and Values.

2.  Students will develop a strong foundation for scientific understanding of environmental problems and their possible solutions.

3. Students will develop a strong foundation for understanding the policy and values component of environmental problems and their possible resolutions.

4. Students will be able to elucidate the key points of a complex article or research work in environmental studies, and to critique the theoretical framework, methodology, and findings of that study.

5. Students will be able to effectively present research to professional and lay audiences in written and oral form.

6. Students will be able to access and assess a complex literature base on a specific environmental studies topic, and to evaluate the usefulness and limitations of individual sources for that specific topic.

7. Students will be able to individually and/or collaboratively design and complete a community-based project that addresses an environmental studies topic or a local environmental/sustainability issue in a way that draws on their research, critical thinking, and oral/written presentation skills.

8. Students will be able to comprehend, analyze, interpret, and evaluate complicated environmental issues using a multifaceted framework informed by their ES courses.

9. Students will demonstrate that they are prepared for engaged citizenship through their understanding of how to employ their knowledge, skills, and abilities to address a range of environmental/sustainability issues.



Course-Specific Learning Outcomes

Each of our courses has specific student learning outcomes as does our program as a whole. View the following courses below to find out what they are.

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