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Fields in the ES Program

There are many different environmental fields, each with its own special expertise. The following listings are informal guides for developing that expertise--they are not part of your transcript or STAR report. Students choose their field in consultation with their adviser after considering their own interests and the various careers related to Environmental Studies. The list below is not intended to be exhaustive. The specifics of these fields can be modified for each student, and if a student’s interests are not served by these existing fields, the student and the adviser develop one best suited for the student.

Conservation Biology/Field Ecology

Environmental Advocacy

Environmental Business Management

Environmental Chemist/Toxicologist

Environmental Communication

Environmental Education/Interpretation
Environmental Enforcement (Park Warden) Environmental Geologist
Environmental Journalism Environmental Policy
Fisheries and Limnology Geographic Information Systems
International Relations and Global Environmental Politics Land Use Planning
Natural Resource Management



The Environmental Studies program is designed not just to teach you but to empower you to enter graduate school, pursue the career you want, and to become a responsible and effective citizen in the earth community. However, especially because it is a broad, interdisciplinary program, the program does not function as a complete vocational training. It is up to you to take the extra steps to prepare yourself to get into the graduate school and career you want. There are seven key aspects of preparing for life after UW Oshkosh.

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