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What courses do I need to complete the program?

Please look over the checksheet in the Advising Handbook.

How do I find out when courses will be offered?

Most courses are not offered every semester. However, we have a regular, predictable schedule of Core Courses, and a fairly regular schedule of electives. You can find out when courses are offered in three ways:

  1. Both the 2003-2009 Curriculum Checksheet and the 2010 Curriculum Checksheet note {in this type of bracket} the semester the courses are expected to be taught, if we have that information.
  2. There is an Expected Schedule of Core Courses with a list of courses offered each fall semester and each spring semester.
  3. There is also a Two-Year Schedule of Courses.

{Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that all of the courses will always be offered in the semesters indicated, but in general you can expect them to be offered at that time.}

How do I know that I will be able to complete required courses before graduation?

You must PLAN AHEAD and be aware of when required courses are offered, especially as you approach graduation. In particular, be aware that some of our required courses may be taught only once a year. The best way to plan ahead is to discuss course scheduling with your adviser and fill out a Semester-by-Semester Plan of Courses. Consult your adviser in your second major to ensure there will not be conflicts with their requirements.

Do courses have prerequisites? How do I find out what they are?

Many of them do, and we plan to add more prerequisites in the future to make the curriculum more efficient for students. Prerequisites are listed in three places.

  1. The 2003-2009 Curriculum Checksheet and the 2010 Curriculum Checksheet note <in this type of bracket> what prerequisites a course may have.
  2. The Next Semester Course List that comes out every semester includes the prerequisites.

How do I learn what the ES courses are about?

Course descriptions are found on this website. You can also check for recent course syllabi.

Who is my adviser?

If you are a current ES major, you can find out who your adviser is by checking out the list of advisees and advisers. If you do not have an adviser, email Jim Feldman.

How do I declare an ES major and get assigned an adviser?

Students declare a major at the Registrar's Office in Dempsey. Students in their first semester at UWO can declare an ES major and be assigned an adviser. To qualify for assignment to an Environmental Studies Faculty Adviser, the student must declare Environmental Studies as the student’s major and be in academic good standing with the University. Faculty Adviser assignments are made by the Director of Environmental Studies, David Barnhill. Students should set up an appointment to discuss the program with him: David Barnhill, 424-0746, Swart 324. At that time, an adviser will be assigned to the student. The adviser may change as the student progresses through the program.

Can I set up an appointment with my adviser?

You bet. We’d be happy to talk with you. Just email your adviser to schedule an appointment. If you don’t yet have an adviser, contact Jim Feldman

If you still have questions, contact Jim Feldman, director of environmental studies.

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