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Planning Sheets

ES Curriculum Checksheet

Click here for a checksheet with the requirements of the ES major..

Four-Year Plan

How can I complete the ES major in four years? Easy!

There are, in fact, many different routes you can take. But for illustrative purposes, here are sample four year progressions of the three most likely scenarios:

  • Environmental Science emphasis, B.S. degree
  • Environmental Policy & Values emphasis, B.S. degree
  • Environmental Policy & Values emphasis, B.A. degree

Be sure to look closely at the overview of the major and the checksheet for the major, which include the list of courses and how they count. And be sure to talk with your adviser about your options. If you don't have an adviser or don't know who it is, contact David Barnhill,

Environmental Studies Minor

The ES minor gives students a broad, interdisciplinary understanding in environmental issues. Requirements include two course in environmental science, two in environment and society, two in environmental values. The minor culminates in two interdisciplinary seminars. Click here for the requirements of the minor.


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