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ES Advising Mentor

What is the ES program like? What do I need to know when I am starting up as an ES major? Our Advising Mentor is a student who knows our program well. New majors see the Advising Mentor first to get introduced to our program.

The ES program takes very seriously our advising of students. To help with advising, ES has a student “Advising Mentor.” This year we are fortunate to have Kyle Sandmire in that position. Students who are new to the major should contact Kyle and set up an appointment, during which you will get to know our program better and we will get to know your interests and goals.

His office is Sage Hall 3449 and his email is

After this initial visit, ES majors will be assigned a faculty advisor. The list of ES students and their advisors is on our website.

If you have further questions, contact David Barnhill,

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