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Declaring a Major and Getting an Advisor

How do I get an adviser assigned to me? Here's the process.

Students can declare an ES major and be assigned an adviser, even if this is their first semester at UW Oshkosh. Students declare a major at the Undergraduate Advising Resource Center (UARC) Student Resource Center, 2nd floor. To qualify for assignment to an Environmental Studies Faculty Adviser, the student must declare Environmental Studies as the student’s major and be in academic good standing with the University.

Undergraduate Advising Resource Center
Student Success Center, Suite 202

After declaring a major, the next step is to contact the Director of Environmental Studies, Jim Feldman, He will set you up with an appointment to see the ES Student Advising Mentor ("SAM"), an advanced ES major who will introduce you to the ES curriculum. To ensure that all new students learn about the major, we place a registration hold on new majors, which is removed after that first meeting.

Soon after that meeting, or even before it, the Director of Environmental Studies assigns the student to an adviser. The adviser may change as the student progresses through the program.

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