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Organic Waste Stream Management for Rural Communities & Small Farms

A dependable and efficient solid waste disposal system may be a positive renewable alternative for small farms and rural communities.

This session held at four locations throughout Wisconsin will discuss the concept of biodigestion, the technology used for small-scale farms along with sustainability and financial viability information.

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Laboratory Analysis

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The Environmental Research and Innovation Center (ERIC) provides chemical and microbial analysis of organic materials used as feedstock for biodigesters to determine potential biogas production rates.  Every step of the biodigestion process, from the acquisition of feedstocks to the analysis of digestate, can be examined in detail to find the most efficient method of biogas production.

The Center's staff uses this knowledge and experience with biodigesters to advance studies on the use of feedstock as an alternative biofuel for the public and private sector.  Air quality testing offered by the ERIC is also available and a great compliment to these and other studies.  See the below list for analyses commonly requested at our facility.  Please keep in mind that we can customize research specific to your needs.

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Common List of Analyses Available:

  • Methane Analysis via Gas Chromatography (GC)
  • Nitrogen, Total as N on Solids
  • Volatile Fatty Acids via Gas Chromatography (GC)


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