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Professional Writing Minor


Professional Writing is a minor in the English Department and offers specialized study for students wishing to gain experience in workplace and community writing (i.e. writing with non-profits and community activist groups). At its core, Professional Writing examines how writing circulates as a tool to facilitate social action in communities and workplaces. This minor asks students to study the practices of community and workplace writing which include, but not limited to: community publishing, advocacy writing, and community-based research. These scenes of community writing emphasize that professional writing is collaborative, community-centered, and concerned with contemporary issues of justice and power.

In this minor, students will develop advanced writing and rhetoric skills with an emphasis on writing for and in public and disciplinary communities; on writing in digital and technical environments; and on editing and publishing in a variety of professional and community contexts. The minor prepares students for careers in non-profit management, professional editing and publishing, technical writing, content management, and web and visual design. It may prepare students for further studies in writing, technical writing, rhetoric, the teaching of writing, and the study of workplace and community writing cultures.

Learning Outcomes

Rhetorical Invention

Learn rhetorical principles to assist in the invention of professional deliverables (i.e. multimodal presentations, web content, blog posts, and social media content) and documents (i.e. social media toolkits, brochures, resumes and cover letters, memos).    

Community Engagement

Practice decision-making with a series of stakeholders to gain experience with the negotiations, deadlines, and reflective practices necessary when working in a professional writing setting.  

Strategic Communication

Apply rhetorical principles to strategically create effective deliverables that communicate information to a particular audience utilizing the most effective medium.  

Digital Literacy

Develop digital literacy practices and ethics necessary as writers who work in a digital world.


  1. English 207 Introduction to Professional Writing (3 credits)

    1. This is the only prerequisite for this minor and is an explore course

  2. English 317 Technical Writing (3 credits)

  3. English 389 Multimodal Writing (3 credits)

  4. English 402 Internship (3 credits)

    1. This also serves as the capstone course 

*complete 3 of the following courses:

  1. English 322 Theories of Rhetoric & Writing (3 credits)
  2. English 388 Grant Writing Foundations (3 credits)
  3. English 385 Topics in Professional & Digital Writing (3 credits)
  4. English 387 Special Topics in Rhetoric & Composition (3 credits)
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