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Linguistics Minor Requirements

No English prerequisites required.                 

Requirements: (21 credits)  Individual courses may be counted only once for the minor.

1. English 383 (Introduction to Linguistics) (3 credits)

2. Two of the following: English 301 (Modern Grammars), 320 (Special Topics in Linguistics: OC), 341 (History of the English Language), 384 (Sociolinguistics), 452 (Applied Linguistics) (6 credits)

3. One three-hundred level course in French, Spanish, or German or a fourth-semester course in Russian or Japanese (3 credits) (Excluding German 312 and 314, Spanish 300 and 307, French 303 and 312, and Japanese 315) (3 credits)

4. Three courses from the following list of electives: (9 credits) 

Anthropology 102 (Introduction to Anthropology), 274 (Language in Culture), 366 (Evolution of Human Language)

Communications 316 (Gender and Discourse), 318 (Intercultural Communication), 268 (Gender Communication and Relationships)

Computer Science 381 (Introduction to the Theory of Computing)

English 281 (Intro. To English Studies), 301 (Modern Grammars), 320 (Special Topics in Linguistics: OC), 341 (History of the English Language), 384 (Sociolinguistics), 452 (Applied Linguistics), 322 (Theories of Rhetoric and Writing), 385 (Computers and Writing), 386 (Rhetoric of Literature), 387 (Special Topics in Rhetoric and Composition)

French 303 (Phonetics), 312 (Advanced French Grammar)

German 312 (Advanced Grammar), 314 (German Phonetics)

Philosophy 202 (Symbolic Logic), 316 (Introduction to Cognitive Science), 422 (Philosophy of Language)

Political Science 253 (Intro to law), 304 (Race and Ethnicity in U.S. Politics), 330 (Discrimination and Legal Remedies), and 373 (Gender, Law, and Policy)

Psychology 271 (Cross-Cultural Psychology), 380 (Cognitive Psychology), 391 (Developmental Psychology)

Spanish 307 (Spanish Phonetics), 312 (Advanced Spanish Grammar I), 372 (Spanish in the U.S.)

Sociology 331 (Social Stratification), 359 (Minority Groups), 321 (Social Psychology), 325 (Collective Behavior and Social Movements)


How to complete the Linguistics Minor in 2 years

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

English 383 (Intro to Ling)

English 301 (Modern Grammars)

English 384 (Sociolinguistics)

Foreign Language 300





When and how often are Linguistics courses offered?

There will be three Linguistics courses offered every year in rotation.

  • Every Fall Semester: English 383 (Introduction to Linguistics)
  • Every Other Winter Interim: English 301 (Modern Grammars)
  • Every Spring Semester: A rotation of English 384 (Sociolinguistics), 320 (Special Topics in Linguistics: Optional Content), or (454 Applied Linguistics)
  • Every Other Summer (1st 4 weeks): English 341 (History of the English Language)

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