Advising for English 

The semester you take English 281 is the first semester you are required to meet with your departmental advisor if you have declared an English major. It is only after that meeting that you are cleared to register for the following semester. As an English major, you will meet with your departmental advisor in every subsequent semester until you graduate. You will not be able to register for classes until that meeting each semester with your advisor occurs.

Your advisor is your most important advocate in the English Department. Each semester, your advisor will check the work completed toward your degree, point out the number of credits and kinds of courses that you need to fulfill your English major and any English minor, and make suggestions and recommendations for courses to take, as well as answer any questions you may have.  On occasion, you may ask your advisor to approve a substitution for completed course work.  You will need to obtain a copy of the Request for Modification of Undergraduate Curriculum form from the English Department office. Ask your advisor for assistance as you complete and sign the form.  (This will be done at the advisor’s discretion, in consultation with the Chair of the English Department.)