Trent Allaback

Spring 2023 B.A. English Liberal Arts. Minor Creative Writing.

Faculty praise for Trent

Trent is a talented poet, insightful reader, and serious literary citizen who modeled how to make authentic voice part of his work. He was an empathetic collaborator who acknowledged others’ perspectives, voices, and expertise. His good-natured commitment to forging classroom community was felt by everyone in his classes. Thanks for showing us all how to wholeheartedly embrace uncertainty, Trent!

Trent is someone who seems familiar. Maybe it’s because he’s the kind of person who settles into reading Camus on train rides between Paris and Versailles, for all the world seeming like an emanation from the past. Maybe it’s because he embodies the qualities that I, at least, associate with the classic English major: an insatiable appetite to allow the study of literature, culture, and rhetoric to function as points of access to structural understanding and systems thinking. I often feel that Trent is reaching for the pieces to map a big picture, to make sense of things. Maybe it’s the way he’s made himself indispensable to this community – seeming to be everywhere at once – whether it’s in his role as Senior Poetry Editor at the Wisconsin Review or officer for the English Club or presenter at the Undergraduate Symposium or published author in the Oshkosh Scholar. Whatever the reason, Trent has left an indelible mark on us with the excellence and sincerity of his work and with the reminder he’s served up of what idealism can look like.

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