Stacey Sparks

Spring 2023 B.S.E. English Secondary Education

Faculty praise for Stacey

Stacey is an example of dedication and commitment, and this is particularly noteworthy when we take into consideration that she’s a non-traditional student with four small children at home. I have witnessed a degree of attention and mindful presence in Stacey that is rare in students who navigate a fraction of her daily commitments. She conveys not only intentionality but an acute awareness of the privilege inherent in devoting years to the personal, intellectual, and social growth enabled by an undergraduate degree. She is the sort of student who throws herself into every task, whether it’s the difficult work of thinking on the spot and articulating responses in a seminar setting (where she always also strives to engage directly with her peers’ insights rather than directing her full attention to her professor) or whether it’s finding time to attend extracurricular departmental and university events, and there to show the same engagement she brings to class. As an educator myself, I am always struck by how suited Stacey is to the profession. She has the requisite devotion to developing excellence in her particular area(s) of study, but just as importantly, she also demonstrates rare qualities of commitment to personal growth and to community-building, as well as the social awareness to marshal those commitments into genuinely transformative acts.

Stacey is phenomenal at everything she does—and that is saying quite a bit for someone who does so many things. She brings intellect and heart everywhere she goes, and the world is and will continue to be better for it.

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  1. Adrian Hanrahan

    Stacey, I have deeply enjoyed every interaction I have had with you, and seeing you in class was always a delight. The ideas you shared in our Shakespeare class consistently impressed me and made me think more deeply about what we were reading and watching. I appreciated that a lot during a semester that was very tough for me academically and personally, so thank you for always brightening my day and keeping my brain active. 🙂 P.S., the time that I lent you my kind of crappy ten cent ballpoint pen, you misplaced it, and you returned the next class period and repaid me with a pen FAR superior to the one I originally gave you will always stand out to me as a quintessential Stacey moment. We should all try to be as attentive, considerate, and generous as you. Best wishes to you as you graduate, and keep being an awesome colleague, friend, mom, and scholar!

    • Stacey Sparks

      Adrian, how kind of you to leave this message, it brought tears to my eyes this morning. Thank you for taking the time to so eloquently express insight which is something that is so you. I have always admired your lovely contemplations in class. All the best to you on your journeys!

  2. Stacey Sparks

    I am so sorry I could not make the ceremony–but these words are so treasured and appreciated, more than I can express in words–which as you know is a big deal for an English person! Just: thank you 🙂


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