Nicole Golla

Fall 2022 B.A. English Liberal Arts


Faculty praise for Nicole

Nicole is a consummate professional in the care she demonstrates in her work. She is a careful thinker and reader who capably applies feedback to create high quality deliverables. She was a joy to work with and will find her niche for maximum impact!

Asker of the hard questions. Fearless pursuer of truth. Nicole’s example reminds us all that literature can help us live better and more just lives if we listen. Wishing you much happiness in your next chapter, Nicole! 

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  1. Jen Porter

    I was always glad to see you in our dystopian lit class because I knew the conversation would be elevated and animated. Your passion for learning was inspiring. It was a privilege to get to know you better this week. I want to particularly commend you for earning your degree after already having the comfort of a career and household. You did it. Congratulations!


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