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Wait List Policy

English Department Wait List FAQs

Which courses in English have a wait list?
At this time English 312 is the only class for which we regularly offer a wait list.

What can I do if a particular section or all of the sections of English 312 are full?
Do not waste time sitting in the class or asking the instructor to add you to the class. Neither action will lead to getting you enrolled. Individual instructors cannot add students to their English 312 rosters. Instead, you can add yourself to the wait list for a particular section on Titan Web. Click here to get directions for how to get on the wait list.

If I am on the wait list, how will I know if I can add the class?
You will get an email from Aly Catacutan ( that confirms you can add the class.

Are students invited to enroll from the wait list on a first-come, first-served, basis?
No. Because English 312 is in such high demand, when a seat becomes available in a section, we initially offer it to the student on the wait list who has the most credits and is nearest graduation. If additional seats open up, we use that same process. In other words, those on the wait list closest to graduating are always given first priority.

Will it help my chances of getting in a section of English 312 if I come to the department office to plead my case?
No. Coming to the department and asking to be let into a class is a waste of everyone's time. We strictly follow the protocol outlined above.

How do I get on a wait list?

How do I enroll from a wait list?

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