Kay Hoffman

Spring 2023 B.S.E. English Secondary Education

Faculty praise for Kay

I learned quickly why Jes Witt squealed when she learned Kay had been hired to work in the Writing Center. Kay has a sharp wit and wry sense of humor that colors her interactions with writers. She worked tirelessly to provide the step ladder of success for writers. 

Kay can easily become the heart of a class. She is a natural source of encouragement and camaraderie for her peers, and she effortlessly synthesizes where the group’s interests, curiosities, and confusions are. She will be a phenomenal teacher.

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  1. Adrian Hanrahan

    Kay, you are everything that I wanted in a teacher when I was younger: funny, considerate, intelligent, outgoing, accepting, empathetic… and funny bears repeating, because oh man, you have that trait in spades. (It’s also lowkey the most important thing that someone working with teenagers can be, don’t you think?) I know you will be a fantastic teacher and brighten your students’ days just as much as you brightened mine whenever I saw you in class or at the Writing Center. I hope you have many Starbies hot chocolates in your future and that you keep writing every day, especially your excellent fiction.

    P.S. I often think about the time you predicted me using they/them pronouns like a year before I figured it out. I giggle every time. Shout out to Kay’s theydar.


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