Jen Porter

Fall 2022 M.A. English


Faculty praise for Jen

Jen Porter has an amazing knack for making others feel welcome and for presenting ideas in ways that invite others to the conversation. She fearlessly tackles the unknown. 

Working with Jennifer Porter reminded me once again that the traits of the good critic – who is observant, compassionate, and motivated by the wish for the world to be a better place – are also the traits of ethical citizenship. Jennifer is sharp, collegial, and justice-minded – a wonderful citizen/critic. Her Master’s thesis on “Consumption and Exploitation in The Hunger Games Trilogy” was a joy to work with her on because of how it so deftly demonstrates literature’s capacity both to be urgently relevant to our political present and to illuminate ways forward into more equitable futures. Jennifer was an extraordinary grad student. 


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  1. Adrian Hanrahan

    Jen, I greatly enjoyed being your classmate and coworker, and you made a lasting impact on the Writing Center with your outstanding coaching skills and warm personality. Your feedback on my South Park and The Book of Mormon paper was immensely helpful to me, and I was positively DELIGHTED that the person offering me feedback was familiar with Big Gay Al. 🙂 I cannot wait to read your master’s thesis and see where else your brilliant mind takes you. Thank you for being a role model and a source of positivity for others in this program!


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