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Graduate Certificate in New Literatures

The purpose of the Graduate Certificate in New Literatures is to provide proficiency in analyzing one or more areas of the “new literatures” – which requires, for example, learning about the social and historical forces that have shaped an area such as U.S. ethnic, postcolonial, women’s, or gay and lesbian literatures – as well as to improve the student’s ability to write analytical papers.  

Program Goals

After completion of the 12-credit Graduate Certificate in New Literatures, students will have comprehension of theories, concepts, and methods of literature in subject areas such as:

  • African American Literature
  • Contemporary Literature
  • Postcolonial African Literature
  • Asian American Literature
  • African Literature
  • Native American Literature
  • Gay and Lesbian Literature
  • Modern British Fiction
  • American Short Story
  • Modern American Novel
  • Contemporary American Poetry

Required Courses

  1. Requirements: 12 credits and a 10-page self-reflective written final project
  2. Optional content (OC) courses may be taken twice for credit when the content is significantly different.

 Elective courses include:   

  • ENG 519: African American Literature: OC
  • ENG 531: Contemporary Literature: OC
  • ENG 558: Postcolonial African Literature: OC
  • ENG 561: Asian American Literature: OC
  • ENG 567: African Literature
  • ENG 570: Native American Literature II: OC
  • ENG 571: African American Women Writers: OC
  • ENG 591: Gay and Lesbian Literature: OC
  • ENG 711: Seminar in American Ethnic Writers: OC
  • ENG 712: Seminar in Women Writers: OC 

The following courses may also be selected to count for this certificate program if their content focuses on New Literatures:

  • ENG 531: Contemporary Literature: OC
  • ENG 557: Literature and Other Arts: OC
  • ENG 565: Modern British Fiction: OC
  • ENG 572: American Short Story: OC
  • ENG 576: Twentieth Century Literature: OC
  • ENG 578: Modern American Novel: OC
  • ENG 587: Special Topics in Rhetoric and Comp: OC
  • ENG 593: Special Topics in Literature: OC
  • ENG 701: Seminar in Literature: OC
  • ENG 703: Seminar in Criticism: OC
  • ENG 708: Contemporary American Poetry: OC
  • ENG 710: Seminar in Cultural Studies: OC

Admissions Requirements

Full Standing Admission Criteria:

  • Minimum 2.75 overall undergraduate grade point average or a 2.90 grade point average for the last half of the student’s baccalaureate program. 

*Probationary Admission will be considered on an individual basis.

To be considered for admission to the certificate program, please submit the following materials
to the Office of Graduate Studies:

  1. A completed online application ( form with a $56 application fee.
  2. A brief application essay of 250–500 words stating why the student is seeking admission to the certificate program.
  3. Official undergraduate transcripts showing completion of a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution.

Once admitted, students must complete all academic work applying toward the certificate within four years and maintain a minimum 3.00 grade point average throughout the program.

Additional Information

For additional information and application materials, please contact the English Department at
(920) 424-7287 or the Office of Graduate Studies at (920) 424-1223.

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