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Master of Arts in English—Program Structure

The UW Oshkosh Master of Arts in English program is designed to foster creative and scholarly explorations of English language and literature. 

The MA in English is a 36-credit degree. Required courses include:

  • 581: Foundations of Literary Criticism (3 credits)
  • 704: Research Methods (3 credits)
  • 795: English Thesis (3 credits)


Students must take a minimum of 18 credits at the 700 level.  Elective 700-level courses include: 

  • 701 Seminar in Literature: Optional Content (3 credits)
  • 702 Language in Society: Optional Content (3 credits)
  • 703 Seminar in Criticism: Optional Content (3 credits)
  • 708 Contemporary American Poetry: Optional Content (3 credits)
  • 709 Seminar in Creative Writing: Optional Content (3 credits)
  • 710 Seminar in Cultural Studies: Optional Content (3 credits)
  • 711 Seminar in American Ethnic Writers: Optional Content (3 credits)
  • 712 Seminar in Women Writers: Optional Content (3 credits)
  • 714 Seminar in Rhetoric and Writing: Optional Content (3 credits)
  • 796 Independent Study (3 credits)


Students may arrange their own programs within scheduling options to emphasize literature, rhetoric and composition, creative writing, or linguistics, but it will not be possible to work exclusively in any one of these areas.


The Thesis Project:

Each degree candidate will write a thesis of approximately sixty to eighty pages; it will be a substantial work of original research or empirical study in areas such as literature, linguistics, rhetoric, or creative writing. Click here for further details about thesis requirements.

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