Creative Writing Certificate

The purpose of the Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing is to provide writers with increased access to the university and to the many components of its creative writing program which include graduate writing workshops in poetry, fiction, memoir and autobiography, playwriting, and nature writing; as well as writers-in-residence and the regular reading series at UW Oshkosh. Students will focus their certificate coursework by choosing courses from our creative writing curriculum that meets their needs.

Program Goals

After completion of the 15-credit Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing, students will have comprehension of theories, concepts, and methods of writing in areas such as:

  • Creative Writing: Fiction 
  • Advanced Fiction Writing
  • Creative Writing: Poetry 
  • Autobiography: Theory and Practice
  • Creative Writing: Playwriting
  • Personal Narratives
  • Nature Writing
  • American Poetry: Technique and Practice 
Required Courses Requirements
  1. Requirements: 12 credits and ENG 709: Special Topics in Creative Writing: OC (15 credits total)
  2. Optional content (OC) courses may be taken twice for credit when the content is significantly different.

 Elective courses include:

  • ENG 503: Creative Writing: Fiction I
  • ENG 504: Advanced Fiction Writing
  • ENG 505: Creative Writing: Poetry
  • ENG 506: Advanced Poetry Writing
  • ENG 508: Autobiography
  • ENG 529: Creative Writing: Playwriting I
  • ENG 530: Creative Writing: Playwriting II
  • ENG 535: Personal Narratives
  • ENG 543: Nature Writing
  • ENG 708: American Poetry

Admission Requirements

Full Standing Admission Criteria:

  • Minimum 2.75 overall undergraduate grade point average, or a 2.90 grade point average for the last half of the student’s baccalaureate program. 

*Probationary Admission will be considered on an individual basis. 

To be considered for admission to the certificate program, please submit the following materials 
to the Office of Graduate Studies:

  1. A completed on-line application form ( with a $56.00 application fee.
  2. A brief application essay of 250-500 words stating why the student is seeking admission to the certificate program.
  3. A 15–20-page manuscript of creative work in any genre(s): poetry, fiction, drama, or nonfiction prose. 
  4. Official undergraduate transcripts showing completion of a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution. 

Once admitted, students must complete all academic work applying toward the certificate within 
four years and maintain a minimum 3.00 grade point average throughout the program.


Additional Information

For additional information and application materials, please contact the English Department at (920) 424-7287 or the Office of Graduate Studies at (920) 424-1223.